Start of the countdown to the return to normality

The exhibition sector and the rental of large-format interactive displays for events are in luck. The latest news related to the Covid-19 pandemic and mass vaccination make us realise that normality is closer. And with it, the return of fairs, shows, exhibitions… And all kinds of multitudinous events. This will allow us to return to work normally.

With the mass vaccination we are ready to welcome the old normality. Fairs, congresses and events were cancelled with the first confinement and one year later they are still the same. This has led to losses in the sector’s turnover of around 80%. These losses allow us to state that Covid-19 is blocking the trade fair sector.

The trade fair sector has a great heritage value in Spain and in many countries. This means that many governments support the holding of these events in their territory. Since they generate a large turnover for hotels, restaurants, stand design and construction companies, audiovisual rental, etc., they have a significant economic impact wherever they are held.

Attractiveness of on-site trade fairs

The attraction of trade fairs, congresses, exhibitions… It is difficult to beat the current online events. Many fairs and congresses have been forced to do so due to the current situation. Since face-to-face fairs are a meeting place where a multitude of people and companies from the same sector can communicate, do business, contracts… In a unique space dedicated to their sector. This face-to-face factor is difficult to replace with online events or hybrid events. Many people do not trust this channel and it is more difficult to present news and knowledge.

The progress of vaccination leads us to predict that in a short period of time, face-to-face trade fairs will return. In Barcelona they will start on 1 June with ISE Live & Online. However, the return to normality will start in September. With the celebration of a large number of trade fairs, congresses and fairs. The major European venues will follow a similar starting schedule.

SB Service is waiting for the return to normality, to continue with our work as suppliers of audiovisual and large format tactile devices for large events. If you would like to know more about our service and rates, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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