Multimedia kiosks and totems are a new way of communication

In mass events such as fairs, congresses, exhibitions… And in marketing campaigns, carried out in shopping centres, restaurants, hotels… Interactive elements have acquired great importance. They manage to attract the attention of attendees and guests. As a company specialised in large format tactile devices. We like to highlight the totems or tactile mupi and tactile multimedia kiosks.

Because of their unique shape. They have an elegant and eye-catching design, which attracts the attention of those present. Once the attention of those present has been captured, they will notice that it is a large-format tactile element with which they can interact.

Features of totems and multimedia kiosks

They are the perfect tactile devices to achieve this interactive element in your event. In addition, it is important to note the quality of our tactile interactives and their easy installation. We have kiosks and totems or tactile mupi with Android or Windows operating system. Allowing to show multimedia and tactile content in a simple and fast way. They are an interactive solution that adapts to any need and marketing strategy. Ideal for attracting customers. The kiosks and totems or touch mupis are made up of 4k touch screens, multitouch technology, with 10 simultaneous touch points, computer and integrated Wi-Fi. These state-of-the-art touch devices are used in various sectors to improve the quality of the customer experience.

Thanks to their direct connection to the internet, they can be controlled remotely from any device and any place. Renting a totem or interactive touchscreen multimedia kiosk for a trade show is becoming more and more essential. It allows you to ensure that your presentation and presence is a great success for your brand.

SB Service has worked with many brands, for their presence at large events, and marketing and communication companies. They have rented totems and / or touch kiosks to develop their advertising campaigns. Through these devices, they have been able to develop videoconferences, allow their potential customers to consult their catalogue, entertain them with games and applications…

Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you of our rates and services. We offer various types of rental to suit the needs and characteristics of each client. Follow us on Instagram to see our latest work. We offer our tactile and audiovisual interactive rental services for trade fairs, events, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants… From all over Spain, France and Europe.


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