Benefits of rental instead of buying large-format interactives

The perfect event requires perfect organisation and planning. If you are planning to organise or participate in an event or a trade fair, interactives may meet some of your needs. At this point, you will consider whether it is better to rent or buy them. As specialists in the rental and sale of tactile interactives, we know that, for the presence at trade fairs, conferences, small marketing campaigns… The rental option is undoubtedly the best choice.

Why opt for the rental of tactile interactives?

  • Saving money: if you opt for the option of renting tactile devices, you save money. Since the purchase of tactile interactives is a big investment. This is only interesting for shops, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants… that are going to use the touch interactive for a long period of time.
  • Storage space: touch devices are large elements. They need a space where they can be stored between the presence of your company in fairs or between the different marketing campaigns. Many companies do not have this space and it is better to rent it.
  • Transport and assembly: companies must have the right professionals for the transport and assembly of tactile elements. Since they are very heavy systems, they must be transported in special protective boxes that prevent knocks and possible damage. Many companies do not have these necessary professionals.
  • Maintenance: the maintenance of these systems is another factor that can dissuade from buying them. New technologies are constantly evolving and the catalogue is out of date at the same pace as technological progress. This would mean that the company would have to make periodic purchases of interactives in order to be up to date with the latest interactives in use.

Service offered by SB Service

These points make the option of renting tactile interactives for ephemeral events or marketing campaigns the best option for most companies. They can not, or would not be profitable, to face the costs they would have to pay for the purchase of a tactile interactive.

SB Service offers you the rental of tactile interactives, totems, kiosks, screens and in the form of Smartphones. And audiovisual, led wall, video wall, Smart Tv and Truss square, round and black. For cities all over Spain and Europe. Like Barcelona, Bilbao, Paris, Madrid, Seville, Monaco, Berlin, Nice, Valencia, Zaragoza… Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you of our rental rates for your events. Visit our Instagram, to see our montages.


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