Interactive touch screens for rent, an eye-catching feature

Interactive touch screens are increasingly becoming an essential element when designing any advertising event. Such as the presence of your company at trade fairs, congresses, exhibitions… The development of a marketing campaign, new points of sale in your business, a new way of presenting your products…

Large format tactile interactives allow you to achieve these and other communication objectives. Among the interactive touch screens we highlight the touch screens for the versatility they offer. Thanks to the fact that they are single interactive touch screens, they can be installed anywhere. By means of a support or thanks to the installation on walls, ceilings, plasterboard, etc….

This versatility makes it one of the most demanded for rent by companies for their presence at trade fairs, congresses, shows… Since the interactive touch screens for rent can be installed anywhere in your stand, in a simpler way, than the rest of large format touch screens.

One of their disadvantages is that they attract less attention from those present at large events. Other tactile interactives, indoor, outdoor, rotating, kiosk or smartphone totems, are larger. And it is easier to see that they are tactile interactives. This makes it easier for those present to see that they are tactile devices and want to interact with them.

4k interactive touchscreen rental service offered by our company

SB Service offers our rental service of 4k interactive touch screens, other interactive touch screens and audiovisuals, throughout Spain and Europe. In cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville, Valencia, Marseille, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Monaco, Zaragoza, Nice… We have 4k touch screens from 32″ to 65″, to suit the needs of each company.

We offer a fast and professional service, thanks to our experience in large trade fairs and shows. Like MWC, ECO Living Iberia, Saló de l’Ensenyament, Madrid Fusion, SIMA, IBERZOO, ECO Living Iberia, Digicom, REbuild, Smopyc, ISE, Automobile Barcelona, Hispack, Smart City, IBTM World… Contact us, with no obligation, we will send you a personalised quote for your 4k touchscreen rental. Follow us on Instagram, you will be able to see our latest works and assemblies.


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