IP65 interactive outdoor touchscreen totem for rent for Shopping Centres

After several months in a state of lethargy, the completion of the various phases and the new normality have allowed commercial surfaces to resume their activity, albeit with certain limitations. In view of this reopening, our company specialised in the rental of touch screens, interactive touch screens and audiovisual displays, we have observed an increase in the demand for rental. One of the most demanded is the rental of the IP65 interactive outdoor touch screen totem.

Faced with these limitations, shopping centres have to avoid holding large events where large queues build up in front of a stand. Digital technology is a way to develop games, raffles, interactive catalogues, marketing campaigns… With the necessary sanitary measures.

This makes the outdoor tactile totem with IP65 ideal. This way, shopping centres can develop this type of campaign outdoors. Avoiding crowds outdoors.

Types of functionalities of the IP65 interactive outdoor tactile totem pole

  • Development of marketing campaigns

With the tactile totems you can develop all kinds of marketing campaigns. You can develop raffles, surveys, games… Thanks to the presence of the totem you will be able to attract the attention of customers. Improving the results of your marketing campaigns.

  • Point of sale of products

Tactile totems can be used as a way of selling and promoting products sold in the shops of the shopping centre. Being a promotional strategy that increases the impulse purchase of potential customers.

To improve this type of impulse buying, the tactile totem point of sale can be installed by the shopping centre itself in the common areas or used by the shops and supermarkets inside the shopping centre. With the aim of launching, promoting or displaying their products and services.

SB Service offers the rental of interactive outdoor tactile totems with IP65 for shopping centres, shops, hotels, dental clinics... For cities all over Europe such as Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Milan,  Seville, Valencia, Marsella… Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you of our catalogue of tactile and audiovisual interactives. On our YouTube and Instagram you can see our latest montages.


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