Data provides insight and power to your business

Data provides knowledge and power. The success of every business is not a constant. The perfect location, good service, a pleasant atmosphere and a lot of hard work are enough to achieve success, but they are not enough. Every business must adapt and constantly look for new ways to differentiate itself from the competition. It is in this innovation where new technologies and companies like SB Service, specialised in the rental of large-format tactile and audiovisual interactive displays, come in.

New technologies are leading the way for many companies. They allow them to use social networks to interact more with their customers. The widespread use of mobile phones makes it almost mandatory for all businesses to be online and up to date technologically.

Among these technologies, mobile applications stand out. They are increasingly used in people’s daily lives. For this reason many shops, retail businesses, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, sports centres, etc. have personalised applications. Being able to contact directly with their customers.

Personalised application for your company

Having a customised application will allow your company to have a greater number of data. By means of which it will be able to count on a greater knowledge and power. With this data you can develop marketing campaigns that are better adapted to the tastes, wishes and characteristics of your customers.

These direct marketing campaigns improve conversion rates. However, you should be careful with hyper-personalisation, which can be seen as intrusive.

If you would like to have a personalised application for your business, do not hesitate to contact us. We will show you the options we have, rates and services. Any business has the possibility to access a custom application. Follow us on Instagram and YouTube to see our company’s montages.


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