Hybrid events, beyond the Covid-19 pandemic

2022 is expected to be the year of the return of trade fairs, congresses, marketing campaigns, events… Massive. Events that can accommodate the pre-pandemic number of attendees. Even with the current health measures. But the digitalisation that has been encouraged in these months of pandemic in the trade fair sector is here to stay. This fact will make hybrid events more and more common.

Allowing fairs, trade fairs, marketing campaigns… to reach a larger number of people. Increasing their capacity and audience. Thanks to the union of physical and online events, they will allow trade fairs to strengthen and improve the contacts and new business achieved by the companies participating in them.

Touch devices to improve synergy at hybrid events

Thanks to large format touch devices, trade shows will be able to improve the interaction between the physical and online event. Offering a better experience and value for attendees at both types of events. At this meeting point, large-format touch elements can become essential for the development of hybrid events.

Large-format touch devices have a Windows 10 computer and can incorporate a camera if the event requires it. These features allow for video calls and conferences between the physical and online version of the show. SB Service offers various types of interactive touchscreens for rent. Such as rotating totems, indoor totems, outdoor totems, giant smartphone totems, kiosks and tables. All of them allow you to develop these marketing campaigns and link face-to-face and online events. Creating hybrid events that attract a wider audience.

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