LED screen rental in Europe for trade fairs and congresses

The rental of large format LED screens in Europe for trade fairs and congresses is one of the most popular items in our catalogue. As specialists in LED screen rental for trade fairs in Europe, we know the great importance of audiovisuals for trade fairs, marketing campaigns, stands and events in general.

LED screens allow the information of the company participating in the event to be displayed on a large format, high quality screen. This makes it possible to reach the audience present. This is important for large corporate events. Where impact on the audience will make the presence of your company a success or not.

Characteristics of indoor and outdoor LED screen

Indoor and outdoor LED screens are available. In the case of corporate events, such as trade fairs and congresses held in Europe, indoor LED screens are the most popular.

The indoor Led Wall is a high quality led screen, which has p3.9 or p.38. Creating a giant screen on which to show your information to a large audience. SB Service has the option of creating 2×1.5, 2×2, 3×2, 3.5×2, 4×2.5 and 4.5×2.5m led screens for rent. The refresh rate of our LED screens for rent is 3840Hz. Guaranteeing a viewing experience identical to that of a TV. For this, we use the Novastar VX4 video processor and scaler.

We can develop the mounting of the giant screens using Genie type support towers with a truss. On the truss we will place the large format LED screen. In this way, it can be mounted in all kinds of spaces.

The characteristics of the LED screens for hire make them ideal as an audiovisual support for your stand at trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses… Thanks to their technology, we can create large format LED screens made up of 50×50 cm cabinets.

We offer the rental of LED screens for fairs and congresses held in Europe. Like the trade fairs that will take place in Paris, Berlin, Hannover, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Milan… During October, November and December… Contact us, if you need a led screen for rent for your presence in a corporate event or another of our audiovisual and tactile elements for rent. Such as Truss, televisions, Video Wall, touch totems, touch screens and large format touch smartphones.


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