Variety of screens for rent for events in Europe

SB Servicie knows the importance of impacting on the audience present at corporate events, such as fairs, congresses, trade fairs, marketing campaigns… For this reason, we have a wide variety of giant LED screens for rent in Europe.

Types of screens for rent for events in Europe

Led Wall, led screens

Led screens, led wall, are screens made up of LEDs, with pixel pitch P 2.6 or P.3.91 and frequency 3840 Hz. They use a matrix of diodes to create a unique high quality image. LED screens are ideal for large-scale events, allowing large images, videos, advertising, etc. to be displayed on a giant, high quality LED screen.

Video Wall

Video wall rental will allow you to develop the large format screen you want. Thanks to the union of different televisions we can develop giant screens. According to the needs of each client and type of event. This allows the images, advertising, videos… shown by your brand to reach as many people as possible.


The rental of televisions in different sizes, from 42″ to 80″, allows your brand to show your information in an impactful way inside your stand. This is a way to make an impact with your information on those present at the corporate event. Who have come to your stand or presentation venue.

This wide variety of giant screen rental for events, allows us to adapt to the needs of each client and place of placement. Making an impact on the audience present, both before approaching your stand, making them come closer. And when they are at your stand, making them know better your products, services, information…

We offer the rental of giant screens in Europe, being the main cities that demand this service cities such as Berlin, Paris, Milan, Hannover, Barcelona, Madrid, Marseille, Perpignan… We offer the rental service of tactile and audiovisual devices for fairs, congresses, halls, corporate events… Contact us, we will inform you of our rates and services, without obligation. On Instagram and YouTube you can see our latest montages.


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