Variety of interactives for hire for corporate events

SB Service as specialists in the rental of audiovisual and tactile interactives for fairs, conferences, marketing, shopping centres… In the current post, we expose the variety of our catalogue of tactile interactives for rent. As you will see in the post, we have a wide range of large format touch devices to suit the needs of each client and type of event.

Catalogue of large format tactile devices

  • Interactives indoor totems

Indoor totems stand out as eye-catching elements that attract the audience. They have a unique glass creating an ideal advertising totem for marketing campaigns, fairs, congresses… The personalised totem will allow you to create interactive marketing campaigns, thanks to the totem’s touch screen.

  • Tactile outdoor totems

It has similar characteristics to the indoor touchscreen totem, but it also has an IP65 protection rating. This protection rating will allow you to develop your marketing and advertising campaigns outdoors. Reaching a greater number of people present.

  • Interactives rotating totems

The rotating totems allow you to display your information horizontally and vertically, depending on the needs of the moment. The rest of the features are similar to the indoor totem. The rental of rotating totems will allow you to develop impactful advertising campaigns.

  • Interactives touch kiosks

The tactile kiosks stand out for their shape, which allows those present to interact with your information in an ergonomic way. Showing your products, services, catalogues, information, etc. in an impressive way.

  • In the shape of a Smartphone

Smartphone-shaped touch devices stand out for being large Smartphones. Allowing users to have an experience similar to the use of a normal size smartphone. This differential factor, its unique and eye-catching shape, will make those present want to interact with the touch device in the form of Smartphone.

  • Touch screens

The secret touch screens for rent, stand out for their versatility. They can be installed wherever the client wishes, whether on walls, columns, supports… Thanks to the fact that they are single touch screens, they can be installed anywhere. The rental of touch screens will allow those present to interact autonomously with your information.

  • Tables with touch screens

We develop touch screen tables for rent in Europe according to the wishes of each client. You can create the table in the shape and with the touch screen you want, thanks to the wide variety of touch screens for rent.

All large format touchscreens for rent consist of 4k touchscreens, touch screens with 10 simultaneous touch points, computer and built-in Wi-Fi. These high quality touchscreens allow you to display your information in the best possible quality.  We offer our rental service of touchscreen and audiovisual devices for events all over Europe, such as Berlin, Paris, Milan, Valencia, Barcelona, Hannover, Marseille, Madrid, Lyon, Hamburg…

The large format touch devices, thanks to their built-in computer, can be customised with apps and programmes. Such as games, raffles, interactive applications, maps, booking centres, catalogues… Creating the ideal advertising element for the participation of your company in events, such as fairs, congresses, marketing campaigns, trade fairs, exhibitions… Where an advertising element such as personalised tactile devices will allow you to make an impact on the audience present. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you about our tactile interactives and prices. Visit our YouTube and Instagram to see our set-ups and products.


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