Truss system, aluminium structures for events and trade shows

The Truss system is a modular aluminium structure of different thicknesses and lengths which, due to its lightness, is ideal for the assembly of a multitude of structures and designs. They are solid, lightweight structures that are easy to handle and simple to assemble and transport. Made up of bases and modules that fit together like a lego.

The aluminium structure, Truss, is ideal for building resistant aluminium structures. They are currently widely used as trusses for stands, stage, lighting and sound enclosures for concerts, fairs, congresses, halls… Its high resistance to inclement weather is ideal for outdoor and indoor events.

Easy installation and assembly

The Truss system consists of large aluminium structures. They fit together quickly and easily, making it a very popular system for ephemeral events. Events that require large structures with great strength but which are also quick and light to install.08

Nowadays there are more and more types of truss structures. The most popular are square truss, circular truss and black truss. This variety makes it possible to create modern and very attractive structures. From large stands, to structures for stages, advertising points… On the truss structures you can place backdrops, lighting, sound, tarpaulins… The truss system is a structure that adapts to any idea and event.

Truss system features

The most outstanding characteristics of the truss system are:

  • It is made up of long beams. Creating a rigid structure that can be supported without the need for columns. It allows the design of spaces of different sizes thanks to its modular system.
  • Short installation time. It is easy to assemble and handle, ideal for ephemeral events.
  • Suitable for both outdoors and indoors. The aluminium structure is resistant to oxidation and withstands adverse weather conditions.

These characteristics make it one of the most demanded elements by our customers for fairs, congresses, halls… In addition, we have other audiovisual and tactile devices for rent for cities throughout Europe, such as Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Milan, Hannover, Hamburg, Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon, Cologne, Valencia… We have LED screens, video walls, televisions, touch totems, touch kiosks, touch screens… Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you of our audiovisual and interactive touch screens for rent without obligation. On YouTube and Instagram you can see our latest montages.


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