Rental of outdoor LED WALL screens for events

Outdoor giant LED Wall are designed for use in large events. Such as concerts, cultural events, fairs, shows, sporting events, corporate events… Events where having a giant screen for hire allows you to communicate and get your information to a large number of people.

SB Service we are a company specialised in the rental and installation of led wall screens. We have extensive experience in the rental of LED screens and we offer you a LED screen rental service that includes transport, assembly and commissioning of all the technological components necessary for its proper functioning.

Rental of LED wall p3.9 screens for outdoor use

LED screens allow you to create large format screens that adapt to your needs thanks to their modular structure. We can create screens in different shapes, both vertical and horizontal. In different sizes, such as 2×1.5m, 2x2m, 3x2m, 3.5x2m, 4×2.5m, 4.5×2.5m, 4.5×2.5m

We can install large format LED screens for rent on the ground, embedded in walls, placed on trusses… Showing a large image or video from the place you want. It allows the development of large format promotional and marketing campaigns, which is important for large events. LED screens are an element of great added value in this type of events, both outdoors and indoors.

The most advanced technology

SB Service has the latest generation of giant LED screens for outdoor rental. With a p3.9 pixel pitch and 3840 Hz frequency. We have different sizes, qualities and characteristics.

Outdoor LED screens

The difference between indoor and outdoor LED screens lies in the light output and the waterproofing of the outdoor LED screens. The lighting conditions are different indoors and outdoors. For this reason, large format outdoor LED screens need more light power from the LEDs to achieve a high image quality outdoors in direct sunlight.

In addition, we can easily transport, assemble and dismantle our large format LED screens for rent. From trade fairs and festivals to indoor and outdoor sporting events. Renting an outdoor LED wall screen will turn your event into a visual experience that everyone will remember.

Outdoor led wall screen rental is ideal for all types of large events. Like tennis championships, popular races, motorbikes, cycling, shopping centres, fairs, concerts, rallies… Or all kinds of mass events. We can complement the rental of an outdoor Led Wall screen with the rental of professional sound and lighting equipment. Which will make your event a success.

Audiovisual rental service

SB Service, from our facilities in Barcelona we offer the rental of giant LED screens and other audiovisual and interactive touch screens for cities all over Spain and Europe. Such as Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Seville, Zaragoza, Malaga, Murcia, Bilbao, Alicante, Tarragona, Mallorca, Berlin, Amsterdam, Girona, Lleida… We have led screens, video wall, televisions, black truss, square truss and circular truss.

Contact us to receive a personalised quote, with no obligation whatsoever. We will inform you of our services and rates for the rental of audiovisual and tactile devices. To follow our latest and future setups follow us on our Instagram and YouTube.


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