Audiovisuals for rent in Madrid and Barcelona, make an impact in your events

The rental of audiovisuals is becoming more and more common to create large ephemeral spaces with eye-catching and attractive elements. The use of audiovisuals for events in Madrid and Barcelona will allow you to make an impact on those present at the event. Their use is ideal for large-scale events such as fairs, congresses, trade fairs, exhibitions…

The fact that they are essential to make an impact on the audience present at large events means that the cities with the highest demand for audiovisual rental are Barcelona and Madrid. These are the cities in Spain where the largest number of large corporate events are held. For these reasons, our company has specialised in tactile interactives and audiovisuals for hire in Madrid and Barcelona. Below, we present the audiovisuals for hire with which you will be able to make an impact on your potential clients.

Catalogue of audiovisuals for rent in Madrid and Barcelona


Within the Truss we have square Truss, circular Truss and black Truss. The truss is an audiovisual element that allows the development of large ephemeral structures. They are characterised by the fact that they are aluminium structures, low weight and easy to handle and assemble.

These characteristics make them ideal for ephemeral events. Thanks to being able to quickly develop large structures. Allowing in the short periods of assembly available in corporate events to create the structures desired by the customer.

LED screens for rent

LED screens for hire are the type of audiovisual equipment most in demand by our clients. Since they allow the development of giant LED screens for rent. The LED screens are made up of 50 x 50 cm cabinets, which are joined according to the needs and wishes of each client. This results in large LED screens for events. Giant LED screens in the size desired by the client. Your information will reach the audience present. We have LED screens of pixel pitch quality p 2.8 and p 3.9 with a frequency of 3840 Hz. Achieving a high quality image, which will allow you to show your information in the best possible quality.


The videowall stands out for creating large screens for rent by joining LED monitors. SB Service has giant screens for rent made by videowall in 46″ and 55″ sizes. Being able to create 2×2 and 3×3 screens. Achieving large screens that manage to get your information to the audience present. The various monitors that make up the videowall have a separation of 1.8mm and FHD resolution, achieving a high quality image.

Televisions for rent

SB Service has a wide variety of televisions for rent for events. Such as fairs, exhibitions, stands, halls, congresses… This wide variety allows us to adapt to the needs of each client. Their use allows us to show your brand information in an eye-catching way. We have TVs for rent in the following sizes: 42″, 50″, 55″, 60″, 65″, 70″ and 75″ in 4k quality and 80″ in FHD quality.

SB Service are specialists in audiovisual and interactive touch screen rental for events, such as congresses, fairs, exhibitions, halls… All over Spain. Being our main area of work the cities of Madrid and Barcelona. Also, other cities such as Zaragoza, Valencia, Malaga, Girona, Lleida, Bilbao, Tarragona, Vigo, Seville… We have participated in fairs such as MWC, Fitur, Smart City, SIMO, ISE, Meat Attraction, Infarma, SMOPYC, FIMA…

If you would like to have these types of audiovisuals for Madrid and Barcelona or any other city in Spain, please do not hesitate to contact us. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you of our rates and services without obligation. As you have observed in the current post we have a wide variety of audiovisuals for rent, with the aim of adapting to the needs of each client and event. Visit our Instagram and YouTube to see our latest audiovisual and interactive touchscreen productions.

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