Advantages of the interactive touchscreen totem display

The touchscreen totem stands out as a totem with a built-in interactive touchscreen. The touch screen totem is a model of advertising totem. Advertising totems are advertising elements that can be used both outdoors and indoors. Depending on their characteristics. In the current post we will explain the characteristics of touch screen totems.

Characteristics of the touchscreen totem

  • Unique glass. The indoor interactive digital totem is made of unique glass. Offering an elegant look. You will have a touchscreen totem that looks like a single element.
  • FHD LED touch screen: thanks to the FHD LED touch screen it will offer your information and image in the best possible quality.
  • Multi-touch technology with 10 simultaneous touch points: this type of multi-touch technology allows users to have an interactive experience similar to that of using a latest generation mobile phone.

Advantages of interactive totems

Digital touch LED totems for rent allow the creation of advertising elements. Thanks to being interactive tactile elements, they allow users and potential customers to interact autonomously with the information, products, services… of your brand. Achieving a greater impact than totems or non-interactive mupis. Being an ideal element for use in marketing and advertising campaigns.

The presence of totems with touch screen allows you to capture the attention of your brand’s target customer. Both inside and outside your business.

By using digital touchscreen totems you can develop digital signage, with the aim of informing inside hotels, shops, shopping centres… To the users and customers of the same. You can also create interactive shop windows, which will attract the attention of potential customers. They will be able to interact with your information and get to know your brand’s products, reaching a larger number of people than traditional shop windows.

Rental of tactile interactive displays

SB Service offers the rental of various models of interactive touch screens made up of FHD touch screens with multitouch technology. Our catalogue is made up of digital totems, digital kiosks, touch screens, rotating digital totems, outdoor digital totems… This wide variety allows our clients to choose the large format touch interactive that best suits their needs and type of business. Contact us, if you want to know our rental service and rates, without obligation. You can see our montages on YouTube and Instagram.


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