LED screens for events, the most demanded audiovisuals rental

LED wall for rent, due to their capacity to have an impact on large audiences, are one of the most demanded audiovisuals for fairs, congresses, trade fairs, exhibitions… The cities of Barcelona and Madrid are the ones that most request LED wall for rent. These are the main cities in Spain where corporate events are held.

Characteristics of LED wall for rent

The rental of LED wall for fairs, congresses, halls, stands… Allows companies to have large format screens with high quality lighting capacity. We have indoor and outdoor LED wall with 2.6 mm and 3.9 mm pixel pitch and 3840 Hz refresh rate.

Our wide range of sizes and shapes allows us to create the LED display of your choice. We can create the LED screens for rent that the client wishes. This audiovisual equipment allows us to offer images with a constant and sufficient brightness in all types of ambient light.

The rental of large outdoor LED walls is an ideal option to have an image that is bright enough. The large audience present can be seen without any problems in all kinds of environmental conditions. You will be able to display your multimedia content in all kinds of weather conditions, including direct sunlight. Indoors, it will allow you to have a perfect image in strong lighting, such as those found in stands, concerts, hotels, shopping centres…

These characteristics make giant LED wall for rent one of the best advertising options to get your content to the large audience present at corporate events. Getting your message and information across in a unique and eye-catching way.

Audiovisual rental service for events

SB Service offers you a wide range of audiovisual and interactive touch screens for rental in Spain and Europe. In cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Milan, Zaragoza, Lleida, Toulouse, Marseille, Perpignan, Paris, Bilbao… Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you of our rates and services. On Instagram and YouTube you will be able to see our montages by renting audiovisual and tactile devices.


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