SB Service wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2022

The year is coming to an end and with it Christmas, a long awaited time for all of us to relax and enjoy family and friends. The SB Service team sincerely wishes all its customers, suppliers and friends a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and best wishes for the New Year 2022.

Thank you very much for trusting us during this time in which we have been able to collaborate with all of you. 2021 has been a tough year as for most of our customers and suppliers, but it seems that the new year 2022 is full of hope. From SB Service we promise that this 2022 we will continue with our quality work and with the commitment to continue moving forward together with our customers.

Audiovisual and touch devices rental catalogue 2022


Within the section of audiovisuals for hire for events held in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, we have various audiovisual elements. Below are the characteristics of each audiovisual material in our catalogue.

LED screens

We offer a wide variety of LED screens for rent for events. We have p.3.6 and p.2.8 quality for indoor and outdoor use. The LED screens for rent are easy and quick to assemble thanks to the fact that they are made up of 50×50 cabinets that are easy to transport and handle. By joining several cabinets together, giant screens can be created to suit the needs of each client and type of event.

The presence of LED screens for rent allows companies to display their information at large events. Such as fairs, congresses, concerts, exhibitions, company events… Making all those present observe your information and feel attracted to approach your stand in case of being used in corporate events.


Televisions for rent for events and stands is one of the most demanded services by our clients. They allow you to integrate into your stand a striking and eye-catching way of informing your potential customers.

The televisions for rent have a high quality image, achieving the best colour and contrast. Thanks to their presence you will be able to attract the attention of your potential clients, achieving an impactful way of informing about your brand’s products and services.


By means of the videowall rental service, our clients will be able to have large screens at their events and stands. Where they can project their images and videos. Making them reach the audience present at all kinds of events.

The Videowall is created by joining several screens. These screens have very thin frames so that the separation between the different screens is not visible. By joining the various screens together we can create large format screens with the possibility of creating the size, configuration and shape desired by the client.


The truss is the ideal aluminium structure to create ephemeral spaces and/or to place the elements you need for your event. Its aluminium structure offers low weight but high resistance. In this way, it can be easily transported and assembled.

We have square truss, black truss and circular truss. Offering various options to our customers, who can create the shape and size they want.

Tactile devices

Below are the features of our interactive touchscreens for event rentals. All touch devices for rent have 4k touchscreens with multitouch technology and built-in computer and W-Fi. Making the interaction with the interactive touch devices the same as interacting with a touch device such as a smartphone, but on giant screens.

Touch screens

Touchscreens stand out as the most versatile interactive touchscreens. They can be installed anywhere. By means of wall mounts or by means of stands with wheels in any place. This makes them the most demanded types of touch devices by our customers. They can be installed anywhere in your stand or presentation area.

Indoor totems

Indoor totems are large tactile devices for indoor use. They have a unique glass. This creates a large tactile device that, thanks to the unique glass, looks like a single element.

Outdoor totems

The outdoor totems have the same characteristics as the indoor totems, but with an IP65 protection rating. Thanks to this protection rating, it can be used outdoors in all weather conditions. Outdoor events that introduce outdoor totems for rent attract a larger number of potential customers.

Rotating Totems

Rotating totems stand out because they can present your brand information horizontally and vertically. According to the needs and wishes of each client. Its structure is different from the rest of tactile totems, they have two parts. The upper part is the touch screen that can be rotated. And the lower part is a space where you can place advertising of your brand by means of vinyls.


The touchscreen kiosk stand out for their ergonomic shape. This allows your potential customers to interact with your information as if it were a large lectern. It is the ideal element for displaying catalogues, menus, information screens…

In the form of a giant smartphone

Our latest large interactive is the interactive in the shape of a giant smartphone. Its shape, similar to that of a smartphone, makes it the interactive that has the greatest impact on those present. Its shape alone makes those present interested in interacting with it.

SB Service wishes to continue with the confidence of our customers and to continue to grow during 2022. We hope that this year will be the year of overcoming the Covid-19 crisis and that the events sector will be able to develop its events with total normality. If you would like to use our audiovisuals or tactile interactives in your stands or events, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you of our rates, without obligation, for rentals throughout Spain and Europe, in cities such as Barcelona and Madrid.


Happy New Year 2022, health and good luck!


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