Audiovisual rental in Madrid for events in 2022

SB Service rental of tactile interactives and audiovisuals in Madrid and the rest of Europe. As the new year begins, SB Service hopes that our clients will continue to trust in our quality audiovisuals and interactives to make an impact on their potential clients.

During this 2022 we hope that all the multitudinous face-to-face events held in Madrid can take place normally. In the following post, we present the catalogue of audiovisuals in Madrid for all the events that will be held in the new year 2022.

Audiovisual rental in Madrid

Within the audiovisual rental section for Madrid we have a wide variety. This variety will allow you to create the ephemeral spaces you want and have giant screens that will have an impact on the audience present.

Truss, structures for events

We have aluminium structures for events, called truss, in different models and shapes. We have black truss, square truss and circular truss. With these structures you can create the ephemeral space you want or places of placement. These structures are suitable for the placement of lighting, sound, LED screens, video walls, banners, decorative elements…

Truss rental in Madrid offers a solid and highly resistant structure, but, at the same time, very versatile, thanks to its low weight, easy handling and transport. Aluminium structures are widely used in stands, trade fairs, congresses, shopping centres, marketing campaigns…

Television for rent

We have a wide variety of televisions for rent for events in Madrid. We have 42″, 50″, 55″, 60″, 65″, 70″ and 75″ with 4k quality and 80″ FHD television. This wide variety and the great versatility offered by the televisions. They are easy to transport and can be placed anywhere. It makes it one of the most requested options to communicate in an impactful way at trade fairs, stands and corporate events.

TVs for rent allow you to create an eye-catching way to attract the attention of those present. Many stands choose to place several televisions. This allows those present to observe your information from any point of your stand.


The videowall allows the development of giant screens for rent for events in Madrid. These large giant screens are created by joining several LED monitors. Which have the smallest possible separation between them, 1.8 mm. Creating high quality giant screens that show a unique image.

SB Service has video walls formed by joining 55″ or 46″ screens. Being able to join in 2×2 and 3×3. In the case of the union of 55″ screens we can create screens of 2.44 x 1.37 m and 3.66 x 2.06 m. and in the case of the union of 46″ screens we create screens of 2.04 x 1.15 m and 3.06 x 1.72 m.

LED screens for rent in Madrid

LED screens are currently the most demanded audiovisual elements for events in Madrid. They are the largest and most versatile screens. For this reason, they attract the attention of those present.

The rental of LED screens for events allows our clients to create the LED screen of their choice. This gives a giant screen, but with a high quality image. LED screens offer an image with a luminosity that surpasses that of other devices. Avoiding reflections and making them easy to see from anywhere.

The impact capacity of LED screens means that they are rented for fairs, congresses, presentations, events, shows… Thanks to being able to create much larger screens than with other audiovisuals, such as projectors or video walls.

SB Service thanks to our years of experience we offer a professional service for the rental of tactile and audiovisual devices in Madrid. In these years of experience we have participated in fairs such as FITUR, Promogift, Meat Attraction, Taxi Fair, Sicur, Aula, HIP – Hospitality Innovation Planet, Infarma, Vive la Moto, Salón Gourmets, SIMA… Contact us, if you want to know our rates for the rental of audiovisual and tactile devices in Madrid and France.


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