Audiovisual and interactive touchscreen for Mobile World Congress 2022

The Mobile World Congress 2022 will kick off the Barcelona 2022 exhibition calendar. From 28 February to 3 March, Barcelona will host the major international event for the mobile technology sector. As in previous editions, SB Service will once again be present at the Mobile World Congress. On the same dates will be held 4YFN dedicated to entrepreneurs in the mobile technologies sector.

SB Service will participate in the MWC show with the rental of audiovisual and tactile interactive large format for stands. By renting our tactile interactives and audiovisuals, we are able to make an impact on those present at the event. The following is our catalogue of audiovisuals and touchscreens for MWC 2022

Audiovisuals and interactives for MWC 2022

Touch devices

SB Service has a wide range of large format tactile interactives. We have large format tactile elements such as screens, kiosks, totems, outdoor advertising totems, rotating totems, tables and customised devices.

The large format touch devices consist of a 4k resolution, multi-touch, 10-point capacitive touch screen, Windows Pro 10 computer and Wi-Fi. The rotating, smartphone-shaped totems allow information to be displayed horizontally or vertically.

The features of the touch devices allow them to be customised with the information desired by the customer. Also, by means of applications such as games, maps, catalogues, memoris, surveys, virtual visits… You will make those present want to interact with your information, improving customer loyalty and reaching new potential customers thanks to the power of attraction. One of the most eye-catching interactives are indoor advertising totems and smartphone-shaped devices, due to their large size.

The personalisation of touch devices allows you to present information about your brand, company, product or service in a unique way, differentiating you from your competitors. This will allow you to attract more potential customers to your stand at MWC 2022.

Audiovisuals for Mobile World Congress 2022

Another section of our extensive rental catalogue is audiovisuals for events such as MWC 2022. We have Truss structure, Led screens, Video Wall and televisions. Of different sizes and qualities.

Among the audiovisuals, the LED screens stand out. Thanks to its structure created by 50 x 50 cm, you can create the giant screen you want for your participation in MWC 2022. This will attract the attention of those present. Develop them according to the needs and wishes of our customers.

SB Service offers our 4k capacitive touch screen and audiovisual rental service throughout Spain and Europe for events such as Mobile World Congress 2022 Barcelona. In our extensive experience of more than 30 years we have participated in fairs and campaigns in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hannover, Paris, Bilbao, Valencia, Seville, Montpellier, Marseille, Milan… Please contact us for a personalised, no-obligation quote. To follow our latest and future setups follow us on our Instagram.


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