Importance of renting LED screens for events

The rental of LED screens to have giant screens at events, fairs, congresses, concerts, marketing and advertising events… It is increasingly common and requested. In the current post we expose the importance of the led screens, importance and characteristics that make their rental more and more requested.

Importance of the rental of led screens

The rental of LED screens for events is becoming more and more common due to its ability to impact on those present at events, fairs, congresses, halls… Where a multitude of people and companies meet and compete with each other to capture the attention of those present. It is in this context that LED screens acquire great importance. As they are large screens that allow you to show your images and videos in large format. They make an impact on those present.

Characteristics of LEDs screens for hire

Quick and easy to assemble

Due to their characteristics, LED screens are quick and easy to assemble. This facilitates the assembly in ephemeral events, such as fairs, congresses, halls… Being ideal for rental for these types of events. Since the installation can be carried out without problems in the short periods of time offered by the fairgrounds.

Easy transport

The transport of leds screens is easy, being able to reach any city without the need for large transport trucks. With easy transport, large giant LED screens can be developed for all kinds of events.

High quality projections

In addition to these transport and assembly facilities, the LED screens project images and videos in high quality. You can choose between 2.8 p.p. and 3.91 p.p. LED screens, depending on the needs of the event and the location.

SB Service has a wide variety of sizes and models of LED screens for rent for all types of events. Like fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions… Held in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Valencia, Malaga… also, in cities of Europe, like Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Milan, Bologna… If you want to have a giant screen for your event, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you without obligation of our rental rates of led screens.

Our catalogue of audiovisual and interactive touch screens for rent includes other elements. As they would be in the audiovisual section, video wall, televisions, truss structure, circular truss and black truss. The touch devices section consists of outdoor advertising totems, totems with touch screen, in the form of Smartphone, touch kiosk, touch screens and tables with touch screen. This wide variety of audiovisual and interactive touchscreens will have an impact on those present at events.


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