Rental of tactile digital mupi for events and advertising

The rental of tactile digital mupi for corporate events. Such as fairs, trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses… It is becoming more and more common thanks to the power of attraction of the same. Since the digital touch mupi is a large advertising element that has integrated high quality touch screen.

In the current post we expose the main characteristics of the digital touch screen billboard and the variety of digital touch screen billboards that SB service has. As specialists in the rental of audiovisual and interactive touchscreens.

Characteristics of the digital touch screen mupi

The digital touch screen billboards or digital touch totems have a touch screen with high brightness and 4k quality. That manages to show your information in the best possible quality. Its main feature is its capacitive technology. It has 10 simultaneous touch points. This technology offers a user experience similar to that of traditional smartphones.

The totems or tactile digital mupis can be customised with the application that the client wishes. Or with the information, web, application… Of the brand that the client wishes to promote it at the fair, congress, show… The exterior of the digital tactile mupi is made up of a steel, aluminium and glass structure. Creating an elegant and eye-catching structure of high quality.

Variety of tactile digital billboards for events

Indoor digital touch screen mupi

Indoor digital touchscreen totems are the most commonly used for corporate events. Since most of them are held in closed fairgrounds. And there is no need for a higher protection rating. Indoor digital touchscreen indoor totems offer a slim and elegant exterior with rounded or square lines, depending on the size selected.

Rotating digital touch screen mupi

Rotating digital billboards have the same features as digital touch screen billboards. However, they stand out for having a rotating screen. This allows you to display your brand information vertically or horizontally. The rotating totems are composed of two parts. The upper part is a touch screen. And the lower part is a structure that can be customised with vinyls.

Outdoor digital touch screen mupi

The last model within the tactile mupi is the outdoor digital tactile mupi. In addition to the rest of the characteristics of the other two models of tactile totems, it has an IP65 rating. This protection rating allows it to be used outdoors. It is robust and waterproof enough to withstand inclement weather.

All models of tactile mupis or totems allow you to develop promotions of your brand in a dynamic and eye-catching way for fairs, congresses, shows… This type of marketing and advertising campaigns are suitable for this type of events. Where impact is essential to attract as many potential customers as possible to your stand.

Rental service of tactile and audiovisual devices for fairs and events

SB Service has a wide range of interactive touch screens, such as the models of mupis on display, and audiovisuals for hire. In Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Milan, Bologna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris… The rest of our section of large format touch interactives consists of digital touch kiosks, touch tables, touch screens and touch devices in the form of Smartphone. And our audiovisual section consists of square truss structure, circular trusses, black trusses, rental TVs, LED screens and video walls.

If you would like to have any of our large format tactile or audiovisual devices for your events, fairs, congresses, marketing, advertising, hotels… Do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you without obligation, of our rates and rental services.


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