Digital outdoor advertising totem to make an impact at events

Within our extensive catalogue of large-format tactile devices for hire, the digital outdoor advertising totem stands out. Its size, features and interactivity make an impact on those present at corporate events, trade fairs, congresses, marketing campaigns, advertising… Below are the main features and use of the digital outdoor advertising totem.

Characteristics of digital outdoor advertising totems

The digital outdoor advertising totem, like the rest of the tactile totems, has an elegant structure, formed by a touch screen. The various elements of the outdoor touch screen advertising totem are seen as a single element. The touchscreens of the touch totems are 4k touchscreens, with 10 simultaneous touch points, Wi-Fi and built-in computer.

These features make them easily customisable. Both internally and externally. Internally by means of applications, web pages, images, videos… They allow your brand information to reach those present in a novel, interactive and eye-catching way. Externally by means of personalised vinyls. That will allow the digital outdoor advertising totem to be an advertising element in itself.

The large size of tactile outdoor advertising totems makes them ideal for all kinds of uses. They create an ideal showcase or point of sale for all kinds of events. Since they get a greater number of visitors to approach the information of your brand.

Within the tactile totems, the digital outdoor advertising totems stand out for having an IP65 protection rating. This protection rating allows them to be used outdoors, being able to withstand all types of inclement weather. In addition, they have anti-vandalism glass and anti-corrosion treatment. To ensure a longer service life of the touch device.

Most common uses of digital outdoor advertising totems

  • Advertising and marketing campaigns: their impact capacity makes them ideal for use in outdoor advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Corporate events: one of the most common uses of tactile outdoor totems is at corporate events. These are events that require a great capacity for impact and attraction, such as that offered by tactile outdoor totems.
  • Tourism: one of the most common uses of digital tactile outdoor totems is in the tourism sector. We can install them on the outside of hotels, town halls, councils… They allow tourist information to reach a larger number of users.

The advertising totems with touch screen stand out for being large tactile devices, but, at the same time, they are easy to handle and transport. Their presence allows you to have an element that offers your information to those present without the need for interaction with your brand’s employees.

Audiovisual and interactive touch screen rental service

SB Service as specialists in the rental of tactile and audiovisual devices for Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Berlin, Milan, Bologna, Marseille, Paris, Valencia, Zaragoza… In addition to outdoor advertising tactile totems, we have tactile devices in the form of Smartphone, tactile kiosks, tactile tables and tactile screens. The audiovisual section is made up of square truss structure, black truss, circular truss, led wall, led screens and televisions for rent.

If you would like to have a large format touch screen device or any of our audiovisuals, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you, without obligation, of our rental service and rates.


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