Tactile totems and their main advantages for events

SB Service as specialists in the rental of audiovisual and interactive touchscreen devices. We offer in the current post the main advantages of one of our tactile devices most demanded by our customers, the tactile totems.

The tactile totems stand out for being large format tactile devices. They manage to attract a large number of visitors to the brand information at corporate events. Here are the main benefits of touch totems in their use in events.

Benefits of tactile totems for corporate events

  • Ability to attract the attention of visitors

Moving and tactile images, videos and information are more attractive and appealing than still images and information. The use of moving and tactile images and videos is essential to attract the attention of visitors at corporate events. Since corporate events are multitudinous events in which visitors receive a multitude of stimuli to attract their attention. This makes the attraction capacity of tactile devices, such as tactile totems, essential to achieve this objective.

  • Easy, programmable and remote updating

Various touch devices, such as digital touch totems, can be easily customised. We can customise them with applications, personalised information, videos, images… We can update them easily and remotely. Moreover, we can program the information displayed. Both the updating and programming of the information allows its management to be simple and easy.

  • Improved communication of your information

Touch technology allows the development of information, images, applications, maps… So that people go from being simple receivers to actively interacting with your information. Deciding what information they want to obtain about your brand’s products and services. Improving the communication of your information.

  • Wide variety of models of tactile totems for hire

Within the digital touch totems there are indoor digital totems, rotating touch totems and outdoor digital totems. All are made up of 4k touch screens, with multitouch touch technology, 10 simultaneous touch points, computer and built-in Wi-Fi. Each type of touchscreen totem model has different sizes of touchscreens, 32″, 36″, 43″, 49″, 55″ and 65″. Adapting to the needs of each type of client and corporate event. The rotating touchscreen totems stand out for having a rotating touchscreen, being able to display information vertically and horizontally. And the outdoor advertising totems have an IP65 protection rating. That allows the use of the touch totem outdoors.

  • Easy transport and handling

All tactile totems stand out for being easy to handle and transport. Allowing them to be transported, placed and installed quickly and easily. Ideal for corporate events, where assembly and installation times are short.

SB Service offers you the rental of digital totems for events, fairs, congresses, shows… Held throughout Europe and Spain. In cities such as Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Valencia, Malaga, Bilbao, Barcelona, Marseille, Milan, Bologna, Valencia… We also have other touch devices, such as touch screens, touch tables and touch kiosks. And, within the audiovisual section, we have a square truss structure, circular truss, black truss, televisions for rent, video wall and LED screens.

If you would like to obtain a personalised quote for the rental of audiovisual and interactive touch screens for your participation in trade fairs, congresses, exhibitions… Do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you, without obligation.


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