LED video wall screen rental for the Fitur Madrid 2023 fair

We offer you different formats of LED video wall screen rental for the Fitur Madrid 2023 fair
Renting led wall screen Madrid Fitur 2023 for stands, Super competitive prices,

Features of the p.2.8 LED screens on offer

The large format LED screens are designed to create amazing and spectacular effects for your audience due to their large size and brightness.

These LED screens for rent are made up of “cabinets” or square modules with a side of 50cm.
When setting up the screen we can decide how many of these cabinets to use, varying the number of rows and columns according to your requirements.
This gives this audiovisual solution a versatility that is unique in the market and easily adaptable to the demands of our clients.

Another factor to take into account is the pixel pitch.

This parameter indicates the distance between pixels, the smaller the distance the higher the resolution.

P.2.8 LED screens

Our indoor LED Wall is P2.8, one of the most used sizes for rental at trade fairs, events, presentations or any type of indoor event as it offers a high resolution.
These screens are best viewed from a distance of 3m.

SB Service offers a wide variety of sizes of LED screens for rent. In p2.8 quality for indoor and p3.9 circular and straight for indoor and outdoor. Adapting to the needs of each client and type of event. We have outdoor led screens for indoor events.

Since our aim is to help reactivate the sector of fairs and events, we offer a great discount on the rental of indoor and outdoor LED Wall screens. Offering the best value for money on the market. Contact us without obligation

You can hire the LED screen in the size and shape you want. Thanks to being formed by joining the modules both vertically and horizontally. The high quality characteristics of the LED screens for rent allow us to offer a high quality visual experience. Similar to television screens.

To display the image, video, information… You need at the event, we use Novastar video controllers and scalers exclusively. This ensures the best possible quality of the image displayed on the LED screen.
We always aim to offer top quality professional equipment rental at the best possible price.

We provide rental services for indoor p2.8 LED video wall screens for the Fitur 2023 trade fair and cities such as Tarragona, Barcelona, Girona, Lleida,

LED video wall screen rental for the Fitur Madrid 2023 fair.