Events where giant LED screens are used the most

The use of LED screens for rental is becoming more and more common for all kinds of events. By using LED screens, the organisers ensure that the information about the event reaches all those present. In addition, they manage to make an impact on them and attract their attention. Below, as specialists in the rental of giant LED screens in Barcelona, Madrid, Lleida, Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao… We present the main events in which this type of giant screens are used.

Events that most request the rental of giant led screens

Stands for fairs, congresses, trade fairs…

One of the sectors where a greater number of giant LED screens are used is that of stands for all types of corporate events. Such as fairs, congresses, exhibitions, trade fairs… In this type of events, the use of LED screens allows to capture the attention of those present. Being one of the main objectives of the brands present at corporate events.


One of the events where large LED screens are most commonly used are concerts. Because concerts are massive events, where many people want to see their favourite singers. However, the further away from the stage people are, the more difficult it is for them to see what is happening on stage. This difficulty can be solved thanks to large format LED screens. This makes it easier for people further away from the stage to see what is happening on stage.

Sporting events

From the broadcasting of sporting events in bars, restaurants, villages, pavilions… Such as football or basketball matches… To the live broadcasting of the sporting event so that it reaches everyone present. The rental of LED screens is becoming more and more common in all types of sporting events, both live and for the broadcasting of major sporting events.

Corporate events

Within corporate events, LED screens for rent are used for a multitude of events. Such as company dinners, internal company celebrations, product and service presentations, vehicle presentations… LED screens are the element that will allow the information to reach all those present.

Award ceremonies and galas

Another type of event where LED screens are very present is at awards ceremonies and galas. Developed in theatres, amphitheatres, pavilions… Allowing all attendees to see up close what is happening on stage, even if your seat is located away from it.

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