What sizes can be created by using LED screens?

When the organizers of events, whether concerts, trade fairs, fairs, corporate events, sporting events… They are considering the rental of LED screens to get the information of the event to all those present, they ask themselves the question: What sizes of LED screens can be developed? In the current post, as specialists in the rental of led screens, we expose the answer to this question.

Before we go on to answer what size we can create with LED screens, we need to know how an LED screen is made up. Most LED screens are made up of cabinets or blocks of 50 cm x 50 cm that are joined together to create these large screens for events. There are also other sizes of blocks or cabinets, such as blocks of 1m x 1m. The various blocks are joined together using an anchoring system. Creating a flat surface on which to project high quality images and videos. The LED screen have the necessary electronic configuration to be able to display this high quality image.

What sizes can we create with LED screens?

Once we know how they work, we can answer the question of what sizes we can develop. Thanks to the structure of the LED screen, we can develop surfaces of different shapes and sizes. In this way, we adapt to the needs of each type of event and place of presentation.

The 16:9 aspect ratio is the most used video format nowadays. Which makes it the reference we take when creating the size of the LED screen. It is possible to develop screens from 1.5 metres to the width desired by the client. Taking the 16:9 format as a reference, it calculates the height of the screen. The structure of this type of screen allows easy installation. The union of the different cabinets or blocks is easy. It is possible to create large surfaces. We can develop these screens, where we can display the event information, in a short period of time.

In SB Service as specialists in the rental of giant LED screens for events we can develop the size that each client wishes. If you want to have a led screen for your event, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you without obligation of our rates and services for rentals of led screens in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Zaragoza, Lleida… In our YouTube and Instagram you can see some of our assemblies using giant led screens.


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