Making an impact at trade fairs with LED screens for hire

n recent months, events have been held in Barcelona, Madrid, Lyon, Bilbao, Valencia, Zaragoza, Paris… Major corporate events such as the MWC, FITUR, Infarma, ISE, Alimentaria & Hostelco, Salón Gourmets… Fairs where, we have observed, the great importance that have, at present, the objective of impact on the part of the companies to achieve that the greater number of potential clients approach their information. One of the audiovisuals that best meets this objective are the LED screens for hire. Their structure allows the development of giant screens for all types of events.

The following are the main advantages of LED screens for hire to make an impact at trade fairs, congresses, halls, exhibitions…

Advantages of LED screens for hire at trade fairs and events

Give visibility to your brand

The placement of large LED screens for hire in places of the stand that can be seen from many points of the fairgrounds. Allows you to give visibility to your brand. They attract the attention of those present at the fairgrounds. This means that your stand gets more visitors.

Directing the attention of potential customers

LED screens allow you to direct the attention of potential customers to the part of the stand that the company wants. By placing the LED screen in the place where you want your customers to direct their attention, you will achieve this objective. Its high brightness and high image quality attract the attention of those present.

Easy installation and operation

The LED screens for rent are made up by joining cabinets of 50 x 50 cm or 0.5 x 1m. We can create LED screens in the size desired by each customer. Easily adapting to the needs of each type of event and location.  We are able to create large format LED screens that make an impact on those present. In addition, its structure means that installation times are short and adapted to the restrictive times of the fairgrounds.

Great image quality

The image offered by giant LED screens is of high quality. The quality of the image depends on the type of LED screen selected and the distance between the pixels, with a choice between 3.9 and 2.6 mm. Depending on the distance between the people, one pixel pitch or the other should be chosen. In most cases it would be interesting to choose the 2.6 mm pixel pitch in exhibition halls. All LED screens offer high quality images, high brightness and resolution.

As specialists in the rental of audiovisual and interactive touch screens, we continue to grow with the acquisition of new led screen cabinets. These new acquisitions allow us to develop all types of LED screens for rental for corporate events. Such as trade fairs, congresses, halls, exhibitions…

Being able to develop giant LED screens that manage to impact and attract those present at the same. We also have video walls, televisions for rent, truss structures, indoor tactile totems, outdoor tactile totems, large format rotating smartphones, tactile kiosks, tactile screens…

Contact us, we will inform you without obligation, of our rates and rental services of led screens for fairs, congresses, concerts… If you want to see some of our set-ups, visit our Instagram and YouTube.


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