LED screen stages to make an impact

The rental of LED screens for use on stages is becoming more and more common, thanks to their great power of impact on those present at all types of events. Visual impact is essential to ensure that the event held is a great success. And all those present can enjoy and observe what is happening on stage, in a clear way.

Why rent a led screen for stages?


LED screens adapt to the needs of each type of stage and event. You can create the LED screen in the size you want. In this way, the size of the LED screen adapts to the needs and size of the stage where it will be used.

Quick installation

In addition to their great versatility in size, they also have the benefit of being quick to install. Its structure, made up of the union of various LED modules, allows it to be installed quickly. Developing large giant LED screens to make an impact at large events for large crowds.

Greater visibility

Thanks to the presence of LED screens on stages to develop concerts, galas, awards, presentations, promotions, congresses… Crowds, they are essential to ensure that what happens on stage manages to reach all those present. It will provide those present with

Live reproduction

The technology used in LED screens makes it possible to broadcast live what is happening on stage. Showing the audience present at large events the stage information on a giant LED screen.

SB Service, as specialists in the rental of giant LED screens and tactile devices for events, we offer the rental of LED screens for stages and all types of events. Held in Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Bolonia, Berlín… In addition, we have the rental of televisions, truss structure, touch totems, digital touch kiosks, touch screens and touch screens in the form of giant smartphone.

If you want to make an impact in your mass events, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you without obligation. Visit our Instagram and YouTube to see our latest montages.


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