Outdoor events: making an impact with outdoor LED screens

For events held outdoors, especially those with large crowds or where the audience or attendees are located far away, it is increasingly common to rent outdoor LED screens. They have a number of advantages over indoor LED screens for outdoor use.

Benefits of outdoor LED screens for outdoor events

Adverse weather conditions

The outdoor LED screens have a quality of LED technology designed and intended to cope with all types of weather conditions. From rain, wind, humidity, heat, sun… they can be used in any type of weather. Ensuring that throughout the event the LED screen will offer a spectacular image quality.

Greater luminosity

Compared to indoor LED screens, they have a higher luminosity. This ensures that your image remains visible to the entire audience, without difficulty. Even in direct sunlight. In this way, those present will be able to see your information at all times during the event.

Large LED screens

Like indoor LED Wall, thanks to its structure, made up of 0.5 x 0.5m or 0.5 x 1m LED modules, it is possible to create giant outdoor LED screens. It is possible to develop the size of the outdoor LED screen required by each client, type of event and information to be displayed.

These characteristics and advantages make them ideal for outdoor events, building façades, sports facilities, hotels, shopping centres… Adapting to the needs of each type of event or location. Through their presence you can show live events, advertising videos and images, tourist and weather information…

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