Truss structure, solution for events

The presence of brands at trade fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions… Or the development of marketing campaigns, advertising or events require the use of lighting and the placement of other elements. To be able to install this type of elements, a truss structure rental is needed. The structure has a series of characteristics and advantages that we expose below, as specialists in the rental of truss structure for events and marketing.

Characteristics of the truss structure

The truss structure is a lifting system made of aluminium with a high load capacity. They are modular systems which, by joining different sections together, make it possible to create the temporary structure required for each event. Being an aluminium structure, they are light elements, easy to assemble, but with a high load capacity.

Their characteristics make them ideal for small events, such as small concerts, to large events, such as large sporting events. It is possible to create the truss lifting structure that each event organiser needs. By joining the various sections of the truss structure together, the truss structure can be created in the desired size.

Advantage of the event structure

The use of the truss structure makes installation and assembly quick and easy. It is suitable for the short assembly times offered by events and, on occasion, many marketing and advertising campaigns. In addition, you will have an element where you can place any element necessary for the event.

Truss structure with lighting

One of the rental options most frequently requested by our clients is the rental of a truss structure and lighting. With this double rental they cover two elements that they need for the development of their presence in corporate events or the development of marketing campaigns or their own events. The truss structure is the ideal support for the lighting. Thanks to the characteristics and advantages described in the post. In addition to being able to place the necessary lighting for your stand or event, you will be able to place other necessary elements.

The truss lifting systems can be square or circular and are available in silver or black. All truss lifting systems guarantee a high load capacity with maximum safety.

SB Service has a wide variety of truss structure for rent for events, fairs, stands… Held in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Paris, Lyon, Zaragoza… Contact us, we will inform you of our truss structure rental service for events, without obligation. We also have LED screens, televisions, outdoor totems, indoor totems, touch screens… For rent for all types of events. Visit our Instagram and YouTube, you can see some of our montages.


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