Tactile interactives for rent for events

Throughout the last months of the year there will be many events, fairs, congresses, trade fairs, marketing and advertising campaigns… Where it will be essential to stand out among the competition present or among the attendees and potential customers. So that your presence or development is a great success for your brand. At SB Service, as specialists in the rental of tactile interactives displays, we are aware of their power to make your brand stand out.

In these last months there will be fairs, congresses, trade fairs… In all the big fairgrounds both in Spain and in Europe. As marketing and advertising campaigns developed in Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Madrid, Bilbao, Lyon, Toulouse, Paris…

In the current post we will focus on exposing the main benefits of interactive rental for corporate events and marketing campaigns. Your presence will allow your brand to triumph in these events and campaigns.

Benefits of tactile interactive rental

  • Impact capacity: tactile interactives, because of their large size, manage to impact on those present. This means that a greater number of visitors observe your stand.
  • Attraction capacity: thanks to their impact on those present, you will be able to attract a greater number of visitors to your stand. Consequently, a greater number of attendees will learn more about your brand, products and services.
  • Greater visibility: by reaching a greater number of attendees, you will increase the visibility achieved by your brand at the event or marketing campaign.
  • Autonomy: tactile interactives allow attendees and potential customers to interact with your information autonomously. Getting to know your products and services without the need to mediate with any of the brand’s employees.

Impact thanks to our tactile interactives

Having this type of material during the development of corporate events and marketing campaigns allows companies to reach a greater number of people present. And, consequently, a greater number of potential customers. Increasing the likelihood that their participation in the event or the development of the marketing campaign will be a great corporate success. The use of large-format tactile interactives allows you to attract the attention of those present. This means that your information reaches a larger number of attendees. This fact makes their use more and more common.

SB Service offers a wide range of interactive touchscreens and audiovisual displays for all types of events for hire. We have touch screens, touch kiosks, touch tables, indoor touch totems and outdoor totems to suit the needs of each event. If you wish to use them, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you about our rates and services without obligation. Visit our Instagram and YouTube to see some of our montages using large format screens and touch devices.


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