Corporate events: target audience present

Corporate events are events that offer great business opportunities for the brands participating in them. Since, the part of attracting potential customers should not be developed by your brand. In the case of trade fairs, congresses, trade shows, exhibitions… The brand’s potential customers will already be present. The main objective of the brand is to attract their attention.

Potential customers of your brand will be present at these corporate events, for this reason, it will be essential to get them to approach your stand. As specialists in the rental of tactile and audiovisual devices, here are some tips to achieve this goal of attracting the target audience of your brand present at the event.

How to attract your target audience?

  • Create an eye-catching space for your target audience

Many companies do not have access to the best locations on the exhibition site. However, this should not be an impediment for the brand to create an eye-catching space that will attract the attendees even if it is not in a central location within the exhibition grounds.

To create this eye-catching and attractive stand, brands can choose to use large format audiovisual and interactive touch screens, such as LED screens, lighting, large format touch screens, touch screen totems, digital kiosks… Large format devices that manage to attract the attention of those present, mainly thanks to their large screens and high luminosity.

The layout of the various audiovisual and interactive touchscreen elements on the stand is essential. The right layout will allow a greater number of attendees to be impacted by them, increasing the visibility of your brand at the event.

  • Content offered

The content offered by your brand on both the touch devices and the LED screens will be essential. Once potential customers have approached your stand. The content offered and the way your information is displayed. The selection of what information to display and how to display it should be a thoughtful step in order to suit the audience present at the event.

On large LED screens you can show advertising videos and large format touchscreens you can display information in an impactful way. Offering your brand information, but in a different way. You can create the touch screen application of your choice. From games to virtual maps, catalogues, galleries… This content will retain the attention of potential customers, getting them interested in your products and/or services.

Touchscreen devices increase the time the target audience spends on the stand, allowing the brand’s employees to connect with visitors.

  • Activities conducted

One of the most effective ways to attract the target audience to your stand and information is the development of activities. These get a large number of people to attend your development. They can range from product demonstrations, conferences, talks… Also, activities developed through the use of touch screens, such as raffles or interactive games.

If you wish to have eye-catching and impressive elements for your presence at trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses… And all kinds of corporate events, do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you, without obligation, of our rates and rental services for audiovisual and interactive touchscreen displays. Visit our Instagram and YouTube to see some of our audiovisual and tactile devices.


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