LED screens for trade fairs from September to December in Barcelona

The rental of LED screens for trade fairs, shows, exhibitions, events… Held in Barcelona from September to December will allow you to have technological innovation and creativity in your stand. Achieving a different way of making an impact on those attending these types of events.

The communication of your brand information at corporate events will go to the next level. Thanks to the use of giant LED screens. Making an impression and getting your information to the most distant attendees. Who otherwise would not see the presence of your brand at the event. The use of large format LED screens will allow companies participating in events held in Barcelona to develop videos and advertising images. This will allow your brand to reach a larger number of attendees.

Characteristics of LED screens for rent in Barcelona

  • Indoors and outdoors: the wide variety of LED screens for hire for events allows them to be used both indoors and outdoors. There are outdoor LED screens that can be used outdoors in all weather conditions. Thanks to their protective features and technology. Both in cold and rain, as well as in direct sunlight and heat.
  • Wide variety of quality: Depending on where the LED screen is placed and the distance from the public, you can choose one quality or another. There are pixel pitches (distance between LEDs) of 1.9, 2.8 and higher. The closer the audience is, the higher the quality of the screen has to be. To achieve a high quality image.
  • Diversity of sizes and design: Thanks to the modular structure of the LED screens for events, formed by joining LED modules, it is possible to develop the size and design desired by each client. Adapting to the needs of each stand and location. We can create large screens using LED screens for hire.

During the last months of the year, many corporate events will be held at Fira de Barcelona. The following fairs and congresses stand out: Barcelona Specs, Cosmetorium, Liber, Salón Náutico, Euro Trophex, Gastronomic Forum Barcelona, BizBarcelona, Smart City Expo World Congress, IBTM World and Manga Barcelona. Due to the large number of companies and attendees present.

If you would like to rent a LED screen for these and other events held in Barcelona, do not hesitate to contact our company, we will inform you without obligation about the characteristics of our LED screens and our rates. Visit our YouTube and Instagram to see some of our LED screens for rent.


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