LED screens for trade fairs from September to December in Madrid

From September to December, a large number of corporate events will be held in Madrid and, above all, at the IFEMA exhibition centre. A large number of companies will be taking part in these events. At these events it is essential to stand out from the competition present. Which in most cases will be from the same sector. And, in many cases, will offer similar products and services to those of your brand.

To achieve this goal of differentiating yourself from the competition at the corporate events in which your brand participates, we know the importance of having eye-catching elements. Such as large format LED screens. But what are the benefits and characteristics of these LED screens that make them interesting for your brand? In the current post, as specialists in the rental of LED screens in Madrid, we expose the answers to these questions.

Characteristics of LED screens for rent in Madrid

  • Resolution: the resolution of the LED screens is determined by the distance between the LEDs. We will have to choose one resolution or another depending on where the LED screen is placed. Also, depending on the distance of the attendees. The closer the visitors are to the event, the higher the quality you will have to choose.
  • Brightness: the brightness of the LED screen will determine whether it is to be rented for outdoor or indoor events. For indoor events, such as most corporate events, indoor LED screens are used with brightness between 600 and 800 nits. In the case of outdoor screens, they have higher nits so that they can be seen in direct sunlight.
  • Structure: LED screens for events are made by joining 0.5 x 0.5 m or 0.5 x 1 m LED modules. Thanks to this structure, they are quick to assemble and can create large screens for events in a short period of time.
  • Variety of shapes and sizes: this structure allows us to develop the shapes and sizes of LED screens that you need. We adapt to each client, type of event and stand or location. You will be able to have giant screens for your participation in corporate events.
  • Image scaler: this technology has several video inputs. They allow you to scale the image from the format in which it is developed to the format of the LED screen. This way, you can display a complete image on the LED screen. Or split the screen into different areas to display different images.

Benefits of renting giant screens for events

Thanks to the presence of giant LED screens you can make your brand information reach a larger number of visitors at corporate events. Their large size allows you to show images and promotional videos. That will be seen by attendees who are further away from your stand. This will bring a larger number of attendees closer to your stand. And, in this way, you will increase your chances of getting new customers and sales for your brand.

If you want to have an impactful way to communicate your information at corporate events, do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you about our rates and LED screen rental service for events in Madrid, Barcelona, Lyon, Milan, Valencia… On our YouTube and Instagram you will be able to see our latest set-ups using LED screens and other audiovisual and interactive tactile elements.


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