LED screens and truss structure for events in Madrid

Madrid is one of the main cities in Spain in terms of the number of events held. Both corporate and leisure. It holds a multitude of trade fairs, conferences, concerts, presentations, marketing and advertising campaigns… This makes it one of the cities that most demand the rental of LED screens and truss structure. In the current post, as specialists in the rental of LED screens and truss structure in Madrid, we want to expose the advantages of renting these two elements for events.

Advantages of the union of LED screens and truss structure in Madrid

The union of LED screens and truss structure offers the possibility to install LED screens anywhere. Thanks to the high resistance capacity of the structure, they are the ideal fastening systems for LED screens. In addition, by using the truss structure you can create the size you need for the selected LED display.

The easy installation and lightness of the truss system makes it the most used fastening system. In fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions, marketing and advertising campaigns… Creating fast fastening systems for LED screens, also for lighting, sound, decoration… Together with the structure of the LED screens, which also allows a short installation time to create large format screens, makes it ideal for creating fastening structures for short events.

There are square or round truss structures that allow both rectangular and circular LED screens to be installed. The latter type of LED screens, circular LED screens, are becoming more and more common at trade fairs and events in Madrid. As they allow your information to be seen from almost all areas of the fairgrounds. This allows your information to reach a larger number of people.

Advantages of renting them for events in Madrid

One of the main advantages of LED screens for events is that they allow organisers and stand designers to introduce eye-catching videos and images within their stand or presentation venue. Large format videos and images that make an impact on those present.

This makes them really useful at trade fairs, congresses, marketing campaigns… They make your presence at trade fairs or the development of marketing campaigns more likely to be successful. Thanks to the movement and attractive appearance that they introduce in your stand design, they manage to attract a greater number of visitors.

In addition, LED screens have the advantage of being formed by joining several LED modules. We can create the size and shape of LED screens required by each client, type of event and location.

SB Service, thanks to our experience in LED screen and truss rental in Madrid, for fairs, congresses, concerts, company events, marketing… We offer our professional rental service, adapted to your needs. If you want to have a large format LED screen or a truss structure of great resistance, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you without obligation, of our rates and services. Visit our YouTube and Instagram to see our latest assemblies.


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