Digital totem the evolution of event advertising

Digital touch totems are one of the latest developments in advertising. Like all other touch devices, they are the new way to display your brand information and advertising. Touch technology has made it possible to develop this type of tactile device. This technology allows the digital touch totem to display brand information and content in a unique and eye-catching way.

In today’s post, we want to show the benefits and advantages of the digital totem for events. And the importance of using touch technology today.

Benefits and advantages of the digital totem for events

  • Direct communication

Touch technology allows visitors to corporate events, hotels, shopping centres, train stations, shopping avenues… to connect with the information and content of your brand in a direct way. Without the need for visitors, users or customers to interact with a brand employee. This means that a greater number of potential customers interact with your information, increasing the number of sales opportunities for your brand.

  • Personalisation of content

The content displayed on the digital totems can be customised to the wishes and needs of each brand. You can create games, raffles, digital catalogues, image and video galleries, booking and/or sales points, interactive maps… adapting the content to the objectives of the brand for its presence in corporate events or for the development of marketing campaigns in hotels, shopping centres…

  • Ease of installation and management

The installation and placement of the digital totem is simple and quick. This makes it ideal for short-term events. As they can be installed and uninstalled quickly. In addition, the management of the content displayed will also be simple. The content can be adapted to each moment of the event.

  • Indoor and outdoor use

One of the latest types of touch devices that have appeared are outdoor touch totems. In this way, by means of indoor totems and outdoor totems, brands can have digital totems in all spaces. The outdoor totems have an IP65 protection rating. This protection rating allows them to be used in rain, wind, direct sunlight, humidity…

  • Unique and eye-catching design

Digital touch totems are touch devices that feature an ultra-slim design, unique glass and multi-touch technology. These features attract the attention of those present. In addition, there are various screen sizes, such as 49″ and 55″ digital totems. This large size is another feature that attracts the attention of visitors.

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