Barcelona: city of events, city of led screen rentals

Barcelona, as one of Spain’s major cities, stands out for the large number of events held there. Its trade fair sector, headed by Fira de Barcelona, is the largest in Spain. Year after year it holds numerous fairs, events, congresses, trade fairs… where a large number of people come together. And the participating companies want to make an impact. This fact makes the rental of LED screens in Barcelona one of the main requests from companies participating in corporate events.

The presence of giant LED screens makes an impact on those present and allows the information of the brands that use them to reach the maximum possible number of visitors. Here are the main advantages of using LED screens at events held in Barcelona.

Advantages of renting LED screens for corporate events in Barcelona

The rental and use of giant LED screens for events has a number of clear advantages. The main advantage is their ability to get the information displayed on the LED screen to a larger number of people present at the event. Thanks to its capacity of impact due to its characteristics of luminosity, dynamic image, high quality image…

Another advantage is the possibility of changing the information displayed on the LED screen throughout the corporate event. Adapting to the different moments of the event, days and times. If the participating brand wishes. This capacity for personalisation and change is not offered by other types of fixed advertising. Such as vinyls, mupis, merchandising…

The quick and easy assembly of LED screens. Thanks to their structure made up of 50cm x 50cm or 50cm x 1m modules, large format LED screens can be developed in a short period of time. This rapid installation makes them ideal for use at corporate events held at exhibition venues. Where stand suppliers have short lead times to develop the various stands.

Use in other types of events held in Barcelona

In addition to the use of giant LED screens in corporate events held in Barcelona, their use is also very common in other types of events. Such as concerts, sporting events, private parties, weddings, marketing and advertising campaigns… All kinds of events, where getting information to all those present is essential for it to be a great success for the brand or the organisers.

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