Why use LED screens for corporate events?

The use of LED screens for all types of events has a number of advantages over the use of traditional advertising. It is one of the most efficient channels for live advertising. This type of technology is increasingly used in all types of events. As in corporate events, fairs, congresses, halls, exhibitions … Where LED screens are used to get the information of the brands to the largest possible number of visitors.

Advantages of using LED screens at corporate events

  • Variety of sizes

LED screens allow you to create any size of screen you want. From large LED screens, such as 8x5m screens, to small LED screens, such as 2x1m screens. Adapting to the needs of each company and stand where they are used. This variety allows companies to have the LED screen they want.

  • Display your images and videos in an impressive way

One of the main advantages of using LED screens in corporate events is that you can show your information, images and videos in a striking way. This means that a greater number of people present will be aware of your brand’s offer. This means that the use of large format LED screens is becoming increasingly popular. Placed in the right place in your stand, you will make your brand and offer known to a larger number of people present.

  • High quality

The quality of LED screens allows brands to transmit their content in high quality. The distance and the place where the LED screen is placed will be adapted to your brand. The closer to the people who will be viewing the screens, the smaller the distance between the LEDs on the screen should be. If the screen is placed far away from the people, the distance between the LEDs may be greater. There are also indoor LED screens and outdoor LED screens. Outdoor LED screens can be seen in high quality under direct sunlight.

  • Ally for your presence at events

The presence of LED screens at events ensures that those present keep their attention on your brand for longer. This means that a greater number of visitors approach your brand. LED technology is one of the advertising technologies that offer greater dynamism and effectiveness in your participation in corporate events.

These advantages mean that the use of LED screens is gradually replacing traditional advertising. If you want to have this type of giant screens for your presence in corporate events in Barcelona, Madrid, Lyon, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Valencia, Marseille, Paris, Toulouse, Seville… Do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you of our rates and rental services of touch screens. Also, of touch devices, truss structures and televisions for events. Visit our Instagram and YouTube to see our latest setups.


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