Renting a giant screen: How much does it cost?

When a brand decides to rent a giant screen for its participation in corporate events or for the organisation of concerts, mass events, company events… They wonder how much it costs to rent it. The answer to this question depends on several factors that will determine the price. In today’s post we would like to explain these aspects, which we know in depth as specialists in the rental of giant screens for events.

Which aspects determine the price of renting a giant screen?


The size is one of the aspects that will determine the price of renting a giant screen for events. The bigger the size, the higher the rental price. For event screens larger than 85″, LED screens are ideal. As they allow the size desired by each client to be developed for their giant screen. Its structure allows the union of various LED modules to create the desired size. From 3x2m or 2x1m LED screens to 6.5×3.5m or 5.5x3m, 5x2m… Whatever size the client wishes.

For giant screens of less than 85″, due to budget and assembly time, it is more interesting to rent televisions. Their lower budget allows companies to rent several televisions for an event. This makes it possible to get your information across to those present. There are 60″, 65″, 70″, 75″, 80″ and 85″ large format TV screens.

Rental time

The duration of the event in which the giant screen will be used will determine the price of the rental. The longer the duration of the event, the higher the rental price will be. However, the price per day of rental will not be the same for short term events as it is for fairs or long term events. The longer the rental time, the lower the price per day.

Quality of the screen

The quality of the selected screen, in the case of LED screens, will clearly determine the price of the screen. The quality of the LED screens is determined by the pixel pitch of the screen. The higher the pixel pitch of the LED screen, the lower the quality.

Depending on the distance at which the visitors and/or users are located, you can choose one quality or another. The greater the distance, the lower the quality required to achieve a good quality image for your event. The price of the rental of giant LED screens for events will be more expensive the better the quality of the LED screen selected.

The use of giant screens, both LED screens and large format televisions, allow brands participating in corporate events to make an impact on those present. By attracting attendees to your brand, you can increase your brand’s sales opportunities at the event. This fact makes it an investment that allows companies to recover the investment in the rental of the giant screen for the event.

When renting a giant screen for events, these and other factors will determine the price of your rental. If you would like to know the price of renting a giant screen for your corporate event, do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you, without obligation, of our services and prices as specialists in the rental of led screens, televisions and touch devices for events in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Valencia, Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon, Milan, Berlin, Mallorca…. Visit our Instagram to see our latest set-ups with giant LED screens.


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