LED screens: a striking element at events in Barcelona

The presence and rental of LED screens at events in Barcelona covers one of the main objectives of the brands participating in fairs, congresses, trade fairs, exhibitions… That of capturing the attention of all those present. Their light structure and easy assembly make them the ideal type of giant screens for use in these types of events.

What are LED screens for events?

LED screens are large screens on which videos or any other type of interactive content can be played. They allow brands to play their content on large format screens. This allows a greater number of people to see this content. They are large format screens that allow brands to inform those present at corporate events. Offering clear and eye-catching information to those present.

Characteristics of LED screens for hire for events in Barcelona

The main characteristics of LED screens for events are as follows:

  • Easy transport and assembly: LED screens have a structure that is easy to transport and assemble. The LED screens are made up of the union of various modules that allow the creation of large LED screens quickly and assembly.
  • Adaptable size: this structure allows the screen to be created in the size desired by each client. It is possible to create the screen for events in any size. From LED screens of 3×2 metres, 4×3 metres… Up to screens of 8×5 metres…
  • Outdoor and indoor: nowadays there are both indoor LED screens and outdoor LED screens. The latter have the necessary protection to be able to be used outdoors, both in direct sunlight, rain, wind…
  • Different qualities: in order to adapt to the different budgets and possible uses of LED screens, we have different qualities. In the case of LED screens, the quality is determined by the distance of the LEDs. There are pixel pitches of P1.86, P2.8, P3.91, P4, P5… The greater the distance between the visitors to the event, the greater the distance between the LEDs.
  • High resolution and luminosity: this type of display has a high resolution and luminosity. Allowing your brand information to be displayed in high quality.

How do they impact your presence at events?

The presence of large LED screens at events where they are used can have an impact on those present. Thanks to the characteristics exposed, they manage to capture the attention of those present. And the image or video shown manages to have an impact on those present, getting your information to a large number of attendees at corporate events.

In addition, the presence of LED screens at events held in Barcelona allows professionals in the sector to have an element with which to impact and surprise visitors. The use of these screens allows professionals to have an effective solution for displaying and communicating brand information.

SB Service, as specialists in the rental of LED screens, televisions, truss structures and touch devices, we offer the rental of giant LED screens in Barcelona. Also, in other cities such as Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Berlin, Milan, Paris… If you wish to receive a personalised quote, do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you, without obligation, of the price of the rental of LED screens. Visit our Instagram and YouTube, to see our latest installations using interactive touch screens and LED screens.


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