How to display your information in an eye-catching way?

Brands that participate in corporate events, such as trade fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions… Or that develop marketing and advertising campaigns, are looking for novel and eye-catching ways to display their information. With the aim of capturing the attention of those present. In order to achieve this objective, large format tactile devices have been designed and created. The interactive kiosk stands out for its unique and eye-catching shape. In the current post we explain what interactive touch kiosks are and the main advantages of renting them, as specialists in their rental.

What is an interactive kiosk?

The so-called interactive kiosk or touch kiosk is a large-format tactile device that captures and attracts the attention of those present. They are touch screens located in a metal structure that are integrated to create a large-format touch device. The touch screens incorporate integrated computer, also Wi-FI.

Together with its touch technology, it allows users to interact with them in an autonomous and direct way. They can display the information desired by each brand. They can be used as information points, points of sale and booking… According to the needs and desires of each business.

Advantages of their presence at events and marketing campaigns

Potential customers of brands that choose to rent an interactive tactile information kiosk will be able to interact autonomously with the information of the brand. This allows the first contact with the brand information to be made without the presence of an employee. They can dedicate their time to other tasks. In addition, multimedia touch kiosks allow to improve the shopping experience of potential customers.

The brand’s potential customers will be able to know its catalogue, request information about its products, interact with games, promotions, raffles… Also, reserve products or services, observe its multimedia content… This wide variety of possibilities allow the interactive touch kiosks to adapt to the needs of each company that chooses to rent them.

As we have observed, tactile kiosks are an informative, advertising and sales tool that allows event organisers to have a striking element in their brand stand. They attract the attention of those present and show your content in an eye-catching and innovative way.

If you would like to receive a personalised quote for the rental of an interactive touch screen kiosk, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you a personalised quote for the rental of tactile multimedia kiosks for events. In Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Zaragoza, Lleida, Paris, Berlin, Milan… On our Instagram and YouTube you can see our audiovisual and tactile interactive installations.


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