Giant LED screen to make an impact in Barcelona

The use and rental of giant LED screens is becoming more and more common in all types of events held in Barcelona. Their power of impact means that more and more companies participating in events are opting to rent them. In the current post, as specialists in the rental of giant LED screens for events, we would like to explain what they are and why rent a screen for your participation in corporate events.

What are giant LED screens?

Giant LED screens are large format screens composed by joining LED modules. By joining the various LED cabinets together, they can develop the size desired by each client. From 3×2 or 2×1 LED screens to giant LED screens, such as 10x5m LED screens. The only important consideration when designing the desired LED screen is to create screens that can be developed using 50x50cm or 1mx0.5cm LED modules.

Why rent a giant LED screen for your events in Barcelona?

Renting a giant LED screen offers brands a series of benefits. Here are the main ones.

  • Adaptation to the space and place

Nowadays there are LED screens of various qualities that allow them to be large format screens, but versatile. There are outdoor and indoor screens, so they can be used outdoors in inclement weather and direct sunlight. This makes them suitable for all types of events.

In addition, thanks to its modular structure, it allows you to create the size of LED screens that suits the needs of the space and place of installation.

  • Power of impact

On many occasions, brands and event organisers in Barcelona wish to showcase their products and services using an audiovisual medium. Such as giant LED screens. These large LED screens allow brands to make an impact on those present. And attract a greater number of participants to their brand information.

If you want to have a unique and eye-catching way to make an impact on your participation in corporate events held by renting a giant LED screen in Barcelona. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you of our rates and rental service of giant LED screens, televisions, truss structure and large format touch devices in Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Lleida, Girona… For fairs, congresses, exhibitions, marketing and advertising campaigns… In our Instagram and YouTube you can see the quality of our assemblies.


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