Which events are touchscreen digital totems most in demand?

Touchscreen digital totems are one of the most demanded advertising elements for corporate events nowadays. Their large sizes, combined with their elegance and quality, make them one of the most eye-catching advertising elements for companies. As specialists in the rental of touch screen devices, we would like to explain what they are, what benefits they offer and what types of events request the rental of these devices.

What are digital totems?

The first point we need to explain is what digital touch screen totems are. In order to understand, in the next point of the post, what benefits they offer. Digital touchscreen totems are interactive information points composed of a high quality touchscreen integrated into a single glass metal structure. Like all other interactive touchscreens for events, the digital totems feature 4k touchscreens, multitouch technology and integrated computer and Wi-Fi. In the following images you can see the quality and style of the tactile totems.

rental totem tactile outdoor large format touch devices SB SERVICE Shopping Centre digital touch totem sb service

Benefits of having your presence

As you have seen in the images, the presence of digital totems are eye-catching devices that make an impact on those present. Offering, mainly, a series of benefits that we expose below:

  • Impact on those present

As you have observed, they are large-format tactile devices that manage to make an impact on those present and attract them to your exhibition site. Increasing the number of visitors interacting with your brand.

  • Improved communication of company content

By displaying your information on an interactive medium, you will improve communication between the exhibiting company and the visitors. Visitors will be able to access and get to know the information they want about the brand. In addition, they can be used to develop activities, competitions, raffles… Among those present, being an important marketing element.

  • Easy customisation

The content displayed on digital totems with touch screen is easily customisable. Showing the content desired by each company. From catalogues, to corporate videos, images, points of sale or booking, information points, interactive applications, maps…

  • Great versatility

Its easy handling and the customisation of the content, allow companies to have a highly versatile touch device. It will easily adapt to the needs of each client and type of event where it will be used.

What events request the rental of digital totems with touch screen?

  • Trade fairs, congresses, trade shows and exhibitions.

The types of events where digital touchscreen totems are most commonly used are corporate events. At trade fairs, congresses, trade shows, exhibitions… Here, companies need to make an impact on those present, so that a greater number of attendees are interested in their information. To attract the attention of those present, participating brands must have eye-catching elements, such as interactive digital totems. This is because there is a lot of competition, often offering similar services and products.

  • Corporate events

Another type of company events where interactive tactile elements, such as digital touch totems, are of great importance are company events. Both company events where company employees participate as well as company events where customers participate. The use of large format tactile devices allows brands to present their information in a different, eye-catching and interactive way. Getting all those present interested in it.

  • Marketing campaigns

Finally, we would like to highlight marketing and advertising campaigns as one of the events that most require the use of digital touchscreen totems. Through their use, the organisers of these campaigns have a new element with which to develop striking and eye-catching campaigns that attract the attention of a greater number of potential customers.

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