What do you need to know before you rent your led screen?

When you rent your LED screen for your participation in events or the development of events, you should take into account a series of points to choose the LED screen that best suits your needs and those of the event.

What to consider when you rent your LED screen?

Design of the LED screen

The design of the LED screen to be used at the event or stand must be adapted to the wishes and needs of the event organisers or the exhibiting brand. But it must also be adapted to the structure of the LED screens. We design screens that can be created by joining 0.5×0.5m or 1mx0.5m LED modules. By joining these cabinets together, the size of the LED screen required can be developed, with the option of giant LED screens.

Indoor and outdoor led screen

Depending on the location of your event or your participation in a corporate event, you will have to rent an outdoor LED screen or an indoor LED screen. Outdoor LED screens are more protected and brighter. This means that they can be used outdoors and the image or video displayed can be viewed in high quality at all times. Regardless of the weather during the event.

In the case of indoor LED screens, they have a lower luminosity, equally high to stand out, but not as high as the outdoor ones. Because the brightness of outdoor LED screens would be annoying indoors.

Pixel pitch quality

Within LED screens there are different pixel pitch qualities. First of all, we must explain what the pixel pitch is, which is nothing more than the distance between the LED dots on the screen. The distance between pixels is expressed in millimetres. The smaller the distance between the pixels, the higher the quality of the projected image. When renting LED screens, you should know the distance between the people who will be watching the screen. The smaller the distance, the smaller the distance between the pixels of the screens must be.

This means that, at concerts, where the audience is usually more than 10 metres away, you can opt for lower quality LED screens with a greater distance between pixels. But at trade fairs and congresses, where the audience passes close to the LED screens, the pixels must be closer together.


Finally, the brightness of LED screens must be taken into account. As we have indicated, outdoor screens have a higher brightness. However, within the indoor LED screens there are different brightness levels. They are adapted to the existing light in the place of installation of the LED screen. Depending on the ambient light indoors, you will have to choose a LED screen with higher or lower brightness.

Where are LED screens used?

The use of LED screens is becoming more and more widespread in all types of events. As specialists in their rental, here are the main types of events where they are used:

Corporate events

The types of events that are most in demand for the rental of LED screens are corporate events. Since these types of events are characterised by being multitudinous events where a large number of visitors and companies participate. This means that companies participating in trade fairs, congresses, exhibitions, etc. want to make their brand stand out from the competition. To achieve this goal, many brands choose to integrate large LED screens in their stands. Where to show their products, services, videos… In an eye-catching and attractive way, so that a large number of visitors come to their stand.


Concerts, because of being multitudinous events, opt for the rental of large LED screens to ensure that everyone present can observe what is happening on stage. Also, as a complement to the concert show. With the display of the videos or images that each concert organiser wishes. In many occasions it is one of the most striking elements of the concert.


The rental of LED screens for use on stages where awards ceremonies, galas, theatre plays, etc. are held. It is one of the most demanded rentals. The use of large LED screens on stages allows the information displayed on them to reach all those present. These screens are suitable for stages, as they need large screens so that the information displayed reaches all those present.

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