Fitur 2023 and LED screens, a winning combination!

Fitur 2023, Madrid, will be the first major international trade fair to be held in Spain in 2023. As one of the major international trade fairs held at IFEMA, Madrid, it brings together a large number of companies. The 2022 edition brought together a total of 111,193 attendees and more than 600 exhibitors. These data indicate that it is an international fair where there is a great deal of competition present.

This makes it essential to have striking elements that attract the attention of those present. One of the most eye-catching current audiovisual materials are LED screens. This makes the presence of companies at corporate events and the use of this type of screen a winning combination. Offering a unique way of making an impact and attracting the attention of the attendees.

Why hire LED screens for Fitur 2023?

Power of impact

One of the main advantages of having LED screens at your stand at Fitur 2023 is their ability to make an impact. They attract the attention of those present. This means that the information about the brand that uses them reaches a greater number of visitors to the fair.


LED screens, due to the way they are composed, allow the creation of large format screens in the size desired by each client. The union of LED modules makes it possible to create the right screen for each installation site. You can choose from 0.5x1m LED screens to giant screens of 5x8m.

High image quality LED screens for FITUR 2023

LED screens offer high image quality and luminosity. Once the attention of those present has been attracted. They are offered a high quality image. Where the company will be able to show its videos, images, dynamic content… The wide variety of LED screens allows to adapt their quality to the distance where they will be placed. They have to be of better quality, with a closer pixel pitch union, the closer they are to the visitors. However, you can opt for LED screens with a higher pixel pitch if those present are further away from the screen. This will reduce the rental price, but will continue to offer a high quality image.

As specialists in the rental of LED screens, audiovisual and interactive touch screens, we offer a wide variety of LED screens for rent for Fitur 2023, Madrid. If you would like to know our LED screen rental rates for corporate events, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you, without obligation. Visit our Instagram and YouTube to see some of our set-ups.


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