Attracting attention at MWC 2023: LED Wall

B  AIIIIt events as important and multitudinous as MWC 2023, where a multitude of companies and visitors gather, it is essential to make an impact and attract the attention of those present. So that your brand information reaches as many of them as possible. With this objective in mind, the use and rental of LED Wall for trade fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions… such as the Mobile World Congress 2023, is becoming more and more common.

In the current post we want to expose the benefits of the use and rental of LED screens for events such as the MWC 2023.

Benefits of using and renting led Wall for MWC 2023

Attract the attention of those present

The use of LED screens or other large format screens, such as 85″ TVs, attract people’s attention. But also keep them attentive and interested in the information shown. The screens can provide dynamic information and improve the effectiveness of the messages displayed, compared to static advertising media.

Dynamic images manage to offer greater power to the words. They manage to transmit the information, values, services, products… of the company in a more effective way to those present. Achieving the conversion into contacts or clients of a greater number of them, than if this type of images are not used.


The modular structure of the LED screens. Formed by joining LED modules, it allows the LED Wall to be created in the right size for each client, location and type of event. By joining the modules together, it is possible to create giant LED Wall, such as the 8 x 4 m screens. These large screens are ideal for events such as MWC 2023. As they allow companies to create giant screens that can be seen by the majority of visitors.

Easy installation

Another benefit of LED screens is that they are easy to install. Giant screens can be created for events in a short period of time. This makes them ideal for installation at trade fairs, congresses, exhibitions, halls… Allowing companies to have large screens.

High image quality and brightness at MWC 2023

There is currently a great variety of quality in LED screens. This quality is determined by the distance between the pitch pixels of the display. The closer the pixels are, the higher the quality, but also the higher the rental budget. The closer the audience is, the better pixel pitch quality is needed. However, if the audience is further away, or the LED screen is placed higher, you can opt for larger pixel pitch distances, which reduces the budget. All screens, if the audience is placed at the right distance, offer a high quality and bright image.

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