Catalogue of tactile interactives and audiovisual for 2023

Now that we are starting this new year 2023, we would like to present our wide catalogue of tactile interactives and audiovisuals for rent. In addition, we would like to show what type of events are the most requested for rental of our interactives and audiovisuals.

Our wide variety of tactile interactives and audiovisuals for rent allows us to continue offering our customers a way to impact and attract the attention of those present at events to be held during this 2023.

2023 Touch and Audio Visual Catalogue

Tactile interactives for rent

All the touch devices available in our company have 4k touch screens, with multituoch technology, 10 simultaneous touch points, Wi-Fi and computer incorporated. This allows them to be easily customised with the information that each client wants.

Tactile totems

Tactile totems, due to their characteristics, are the tactile devices most in demand by our clients. Within the tactile totems we have indoor tactile totems, outdoor tactile totems and rotating tactile totems. This wide variety allows us to adapt to the needs of each location.

The outdoor touch totems stand out, thanks to their IP65 protection, they can be used outdoors. The touch totems are made up of 4k touch screens with single glass and built-in computer and Wi-Fi. Creating a high quality and eye-catching structure.

We have touch totems in various sizes, from 32″ to 65″. These large sizes allow companies to make an impact on those present. Attracting their attention to your brand information.

In the form of a smartphone

One of the most eye-catching touch devices are the smartphone-shaped touch interactives. Their unique shape, in the form of a conventional smartphone, attracts the attention of those present. In addition, their unique glass and multituoch technology, with 10 simultaneous touch points, offer users an experience equal to interacting with a smartphone.

Multimedia touch kiosks

Touch multimedia kiosks are also available. They stand out because of their shape. This shape makes them ideal for displaying catalogues, menus, maps… Thanks to the large-format touch screens that are attached to a slanted support, they have a different shape. It makes an impact and attracts attention.

Touch screens

Touchscreens, thanks to the fact that they can be mounted on a wall bracket or wall bracket, allow them to be installed anywhere. This makes them ideal for use on stands. Since they can be installed on the walls of the same or in the space desired by the company.

Tactile tables

In addition to the rest of the tactile interactives, we have supports to create tactile tables. By means of the union of the supports in the form of a table and the tactile screens. Creating touch devices adapted to the needs of the client. These tactile devices are widely used for interaction with children or for exhibition at fairs, congresses, trade fairs…

Audiovisuals for events

LED screens

Among our audiovisuals we have LED screens. We have indoor and outdoor LED screens. The structure of the LED screens, formed by the union of LED modules, allows us to create the size of LED screen that each client wishes. We can create giant LED screens, such as 9m x 3m LED screens. Or any size required by the client.

The large sizes of the LED screens, together with their high luminosity and high quality image, make it possible for companies’ information to reach a large number of people. Their high impact capacity means that more and more companies are using them for a multitude of major events.


In addition to LED screens, we also have televisions for rent. From 32″ to 85″. They are ideal elements for displaying brand information on the stand. As they allow you to inform those present by means of dynamic advertising. On many occasions we opt for the rental of several televisions to display the information in different areas of the company’s presentation venue.

Truss structure

We have a truss structure. This allows us to develop the structure desired by each client for the placement of elements. These are aluminium structures developed with high-strength aluminium. Widely used for the placement of lighting, sound, decorative elements…

What events most request our catalogue and how do they impact on them?

The events that most request elements from our catalogue are corporate events, advertising and marketing campaigns, company events, concerts, galas… Mass events in which companies must make an impact to reach the public present. Or have elements that allow you to get your information and what is happening at a particular point to the rest of the audience.

If you want to have a new way of communicating in your events in 2023. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you about our rates and services without obligation. For events in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Lleida, Valencia, Toulouse, Lyon, Bilbao… Visit our Instagram and YouTube to see our large format audiovisual and tactile interactive montages.


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