How to make an impact at ISE 2023, Barcelona?

The International Trade Fair for Electrical Equipment and Solutions, ISE 2023, will take place from 31 January to 03 February at Fira de Barcelona. It will be the first edition of the ISE trade fair to be held in Barcelona as usual. After the change of city from Amsterdam to Barcelona to continue growing. Both in terms of exhibition space and in terms of visitors and participating companies.

The event is the meeting point for the main manufacturers of audiovisual equipment and solutions. Also, of room control, security systems, automation and telecommunications. It will be the ideal place for professionals in the sector to have the opportunity to find out about new developments, innovations and trends in the sector. It will also be the ideal place to make and establish new business relationships.

Throughout the duration of the event, visitors and professionals from the sector will be able to enjoy and participate in activities, seminars, workshops, conferences, competitions, demonstrations… Where they will learn about the current situation of the sector. In addition, the event will be attended by industry leaders, who will offer their knowledge to the public present. In addition to the activities, there will be a wide variety of entertainment for those present. Offering the opportunity to meet industry professionals in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Corporate events, such as ISE 2023, bring together a large number of attendees and companies from the same industry. This fact makes it essential to make an impact on them to attract the attention of as many visitors as possible. And make your presence at the show a commercial success. In today’s post, as specialists in the rental of audiovisuals and tactile interactives, we outline the main ways to achieve this goal of making an impact.

How to make an impact at ISE 2023?

Making an impact at corporate events, such as ISE 2023, is essential to establish new business relationships and create a good impression on those present. This need for impact means that presence at corporate events, especially large ones such as ISE 2023, must be planned and executed by professionals. Whether in-house or external. In order to influence those present, there are a multitude of actions that the company can take, such as:

  • Privileged location: the choice of location for the presentation of your brand’s stand is one of the essential points to stand out at corporate events. The more central and larger your space is, the easier it will be to stand out from the competition. But also the more expensive it will be. For this reason, you should opt for the best possible location. But within the possibilities of the brand. And leaving enough budget for the rest of the elements necessary for your participation.
  • Global idea: another option to make an impact at ISE 2023 is to present a stand and other elements with a striking global idea. A style that manages to show the brand’s values and image. At the same time making an impact on those present.
  • Planning the activities: the presence at the event must be planned in advance. In order to ensure that the presence is well planned and with all the details squared away, to avoid problems during the event.

Other ways to make an impact

  • Promotion of your participation: the company’s participation in the event should be promoted in advance. To make your current customers aware that your company will be present at the event and they can visit your stand during the event.
  • Different experience: another way to make an impact is to create different and unique experience. That leave an impression on attendees and get your information to a larger number of attendees. It can be fun activities, entertainment, catering… Another option is to have our large format touch devices. They will allow you to create interactive experiences that will attract the attention of your attendees.
  • Eye-catching elements: one way to make an impact at corporate events is to present brand information using eye-catching elements. Such as the aforementioned tactile devices or giant LED screens. These elements allow brand information to be displayed and communicated by means of an eye-catching and luminous support. This allows the information to reach a greater number of people present.

The activities and actions that a company can develop will depend mainly on the budget available for its participation. But also on the innovative and eye-catching ideas they present.

What does our company offer you?

As we have seen in the current post our company, specialist in the rental of interactive touch screens and LED screens for events, we have a wide variety of these devices. To make an impact at corporate events such as ISE 2023. Highlighting the touch devices, we have touch totems, outdoor touch totems, multimedia touch kisocos, touch screens and touch tables. And within the audiovisual section we have large format LED screens, truss structures and televisions for hire.

If you would like to have impressive elements for your presence at ISE 2023, do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you, without obligation, of our rates and services for the rental of audiovisual and tactile devices in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia, Bilbao… Visit our Instagram and YouTube to see our set-ups for corporate events.


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