Benefits of touch kiosks for Barcelona events

The information and sales points at events have changed as the available technology has changed. These information points are adapting to new technological trends. Large format tactile devices are appearing to show and inform visitors and/or potential customers in a new and eye-catching way. Among these tactile devices, due to their shape and communication capacity, the touch kiosks for events in Barcelona stand out.

As specialists in the rental of touch kiosks for events in Barcelona, we would like to explain in the current post what tactile kiosks are, what characteristics they have and what benefits they offer to the companies that use them.

What are touch kiosks and what are their characteristics?

Digital touch kiosks are large-format touch devices. They consist of 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″ and 65″ touch screens. They are attached to a lectern, giving them the characteristic and ergonomic shape of touch kiosks. The touch screens have 10-point simultaneous multitouch capacitive technology, computer and built-in Wi-Fi.

Their characteristics make them ideal information points for displaying information, products, services, offers, promotions… of the brands participating in corporate events, trade fairs, congresses… Also, for use in shopping centres, hotels, dealerships, restaurants…

Benefits of the presence of interactive kiosks in events

  • Autonomy

The rental by brands to display their information allows users to access their information autonomously. Without the need to interact with the brand’s employees. This autonomy means that attendees at events who would not interact with your employees if they had to do so, can get information through the multimedia touch kiosks. In this way, brands manage to increase the number of attendees and potential customers who are informed about their products and services.

  • More information point

Renting them also allows companies to have a greater number of information points. Being able to offer better communication and attention to those present. Having a greater number of information points will allow a greater number of attendees to be interested and learn about your brand at the same time.

  • Impact and attraction capacity

Its large size, together with its tactile technology, makes it possible to make an impact on those present and increase the attractiveness of the stand. Visitors will be able to observe the large tactile device from a distance. Increasing the number of visitors who will be attracted to your stand. And, consequently, increasing the number of visitors who will approach and get to know your information.


SB Service from our headquarters in Barcelona offers the rental of touch kiosks for events in Barcelona. Also, in Tarragona, Lleida, Girona, Madrid, Valencia… In addition, we have led screens, televisions, truss structure, tactile totems, touch screens… Shocking elements that will make your presence in corporate events more striking. Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you of our services and rates. Visit our Instagram and YouTube to see some of our montages.


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