Bilbao: How to stand out at fairs in May and June?

In the months of May and June, various trade fairs and corporate congresses will be held in Bilbao. They bring together a multitude of companies from the various sectors represented at each fair. Generating a high level of competitiveness in order to attract the attention of those present. And to achieve that a greater number of attendees approach the stand presented by your brand.

In the current post, we want to show the various fairs that will be held and how our customers can impact on them through our audiovisual and interactive touchscreens.

Fairs in May and June in Bilbao


From 5 to 7 May the Expovacaciones 2023 event will be held in Bilbao. It will be the 43rd edition of the event. It will present the tourism and holiday offer. The event is increasingly reaching out to a more diverse public. Focusing on sports and adventure tourism, gastronomic experiences, accessible tourism… The main companies in the sector and a large number of visitors interested in the tourism and holiday offer will be present at the event.

Food 4 Future 2023

The Food 4 Future 2023 event will be held from 16 to 18 May 2023. The event is the place to present the most innovative technological solutions related to the food industry. It is also the meeting point for professionals in the sector. Where brands will be able to develop new contacts and contracts.

Innovate4Climate 2023

The seventh edition of the World Bank Group’s global conference on climate action will take place from 23 to 25 May. The event brings together the public and private sectors to present innovative climate solutions in various sectors, such as finance, markets, policy and technology.

+ Industry 2023 / Maintenance Bilbao 2023 / Pumps & Valves / Subcontracting 2023 / Addit3d 2023 / WORKinn Talent Hub 2023 / BeDIGITAL 2023

The industrial sector meets from 6 to 8 June at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre. During these days the exhibition centre will become the meeting point for the industrial sector. A total of seven events dedicated to different industrial sectors will be held.

+ Industry 2023 will be the industrial meeting dedicated to professionals and companies in the Smart Manufacturing sector. It will be the business forum where the main specialised brands from all over the world will meet.

Maintenance is the international trade fair for industrial maintenance. A trade fair dedicated to industrial maintenance services. From inspection and monitoring to preventive and corrective maintenance. The event brings together all the professionals and leading companies in the sector.

Pumps & Valves is the international trade fair for pump systems, valves and equipment for industrial processes. It is a specialised sectoral meeting point, bringing together both companies and professionals from the sector. It will be the ideal place to find out about the latest developments in the sector.

The international trade fair for manufacturing processes and equipment, Subcontratación 2023, will be the place to present the latest developments in the sector. With the main companies and professionals in the sector.

ADDIT3D 2023, the professional trade fair for additive and 3D manufacturing, will bring together the sector’s leading professionals and companies. The event will include an analysis congress and an exhibition and presentation area.

The industrial job fair WORKinn Talent Hub 2023 will be the comprehensive talent space. It will be the point of reference, where employment, training, skills for the future… will be the common threads.

BeDigital 2023 will be the event aimed at the industrial application of digital technologies. It will present the latest developments in the sector and bring together leading professionals and brands.

How to make an impact?

As specialists in the rental of large format audiovisuals and tactile interactives, we have various ways of making our clients stand out at these and other fairs held in Bilbao.


Within our audiovisual section we have circular truss structures, square truss structures, televisions and LED screens. LED screens stand out for their capacity to create large format screens for events in a fast and versatile way. Our company has a wide variety of indoor LED screens and outdoor LED screens. With which to create the size desired by each client, easily adapting to the needs of the space and place of placement.

Another element that stands out in the audiovisual section are the televisions for rent. The wide variety of sizes available, from 32″ to 85″, allows the adaptation to the needs of each client and location.

Both large format LED screens and televisions for rent allow companies to display their information, images, videos… on large format screens. This makes it easier for companies to get their message across to a larger number of people present.


Within our catalogue, our section of large-format tactile interactives stands out. Formed by indoor touch totems, outdoor touch totems, rotating totems, digital touch kiosks, touch screens, smartphone devices and touch tables. All are 4k touchscreens, with simultaneous 10-point multitouch technology, built-in wifi and computer.

The presence of large format touch devices, thanks to the touch technology and their large size, attract the attention of those present at corporate events. Increasing the number of people who approach the stands that incorporate them, thanks to their power of attraction.

If you would like to use any of our audiovisual and interactive touch screens for your presence at trade fairs, conferences, shows, exhibitions… In Bilbao or any other city in Spain or Europe, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you of our rates and rental services in Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Tarragona, Lleida, Lyon, Valencia, Toulouse… Visit our Instagram to see our audiovisual and tactile devices in use.


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