Benefits of using outdoor LED screens for events

Brands that present themselves at corporate events or companies that organise outdoor events know that it is important to have a striking and eye-catching way of displaying their corporate information and messages. Nowadays there are several ways to impact and transmit corporate messages and event information, such as large-format tactile devices, large televisions, lighting… Among these elements, outdoor LED screens stand out. They allow brands and event organisers to get their message across at outdoor events.

As specialists in the rental of large format audiovisual and interactive touch screens, we would like to explain in the current post the benefits offered by these types of screens and how they get your brand’s message across to all those present at outdoor events.

Why use outdoor LED screens at your events?

The characteristics of outdoor LED screens make them ideal for concerts, stages, major festivals, fairs, congresses, halls, sporting events, company events… Their use will allow the information displayed on them to reach all those present.

These screens are LED screens that are made by joining LED modules. This allows the size of the screen to be created according to the client’s wishes. The outdoor LED screens have a pixel pitch of 3.91, offering a high quality image. Our outdoor LED screens have LED modules of 0.5 x 0.5m or 0.5 x 1m. Offering a great versatility of sizes and shapes.

In addition to these features, the outdoor LED screens have an IP65 protection rating. This allows them to be used outdoors, withstanding all kinds of inclement weather conditions. Like rain, direct sun, humidity, wind… Allowing you to display a high quality image that will make an impact on those present. Getting your message to be seen by all those present at concerts, galas, awards, sporting events, company events…

As we have observed, having these types of screens offers multiple advantages to companies that choose to rent them. They allow companies to display their information or messages on large format screens with high quality. This allows them to reach an even greater number of people than the messages displayed through traditional advertising.

Rental of large format screens for events

SB Service offers the rental of outdoor led screens for events in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida, Madrid, Zaragoza, Castellón, Valencia, Girona… With which you can highlight and impress in the events held outdoors. Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you of our rental rates for outdoor LED screens. Also, indoor LED screens, televisions, tactile totems, tactile digital kiosks, tactile tables, tactile screens…


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